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George Michael Caught in Another Sex Scandal

By July 24, 2006

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George Michael, the legendary British pop star, can't seem to stay out of the news lately. Unfortunately, the buzz doesn't surround his latest release, "An Easier Affair." According to reports, Michael is keeping a low profile after dispelling rumors of another public sex scandal. Rumors circulated after British newspapers reported that he was photographed leaving the bushes of a London Hampstead Heath park, where he allegedly had sex with a "pot-bellied" Norman Kirtland. Michael and partner Kenny Goss denied the allegations and still plan to marry later this year. In 1998, George Michael was arrested by an undercover police officer after trying to have sex in a California public restroom. Last February, Michael was also arrested on suspicion of drug possession.

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July 26, 2006 at 4:00 pm
(1) JayFTL says:

Please refrain from repeating tawdry rumors and cheap gossip. Thank you.

December 16, 2006 at 4:14 am
(2) whispere says:

“George just called in to Richard & Judy and completley denied the story. He said it’s completely false. If as they claim they ‘witnessed’ this ‘supposed’ act and both of them leaving the bushes, why then are they no pictures of them together and the pictures of the Norm guy are on the beach? There’s no beach in the Heath. Typical News of the World/Rupert Murdock homophobia. Find a out of luck guy and pay him to make up a story about someone they’ve been following for months. This is the second completly made up story by them in 2 months. I guess we should expect another in August. Once a month come up w/ crap.”

i simply couldnt have agreed more! this was exactly as i was thinking! im appeased to see that there are people out there who are willing to evaluate something, and thoroughly, before they believe it! it is underestimated, how important it is to be careful about what you believe. after too much thought and piecing of puzzles together i have come up, objectively, with the fact that this is mr bad guy media at work again, kicking georgios…..but whats this person’s reason? what could it be? hhhmmm thats a thought! the thing is there are far too many more holes in the stories of the past about georgios most especially about the sensationalized “tea room” or lavatory. the poor guy was set up, in such a disgustingly NASTY way. the COP actually did the “unveiling” first, purposely urging GM on so that he could make the hit, and whatever happened happened only AFTER.

“I got followed into the restroom and then this cop — I didn’t know it was a cop, obviously — he started playing this game, which I think is called, ‘I’ll show you mine, you show me yours, and then when you show me yours, I’m going to nick you,’” Michael said. ..his arrest may have involved some cooperation between Beverly Hills police and Britain’s tabloid press.

“I don’t think it was by chance that this happened to me,” he said. “We have some fairly vicious people in the country where I come from and they work in certain streets in London. I think it might have had something to do with it. … There was a little more cooperation than you would expect between the police and the paparazzi.”

this is called “ENTRAPMENT” for those who don’t know. i cannot understand what motivation whoever is doing this out there has….the media’a portrayal of the issue is ridiculous. my first opinion of georgios as a result was touchy. now after much searching i realize even more, how dangerous the media is and how remarkable Georgios HAS turned out in my eyes. has he been seen in a wrong light or at least too harsh a light for too long? would it be bad to guess that that has hit georgios a bit hard?
and concerning the cannabis, how many people are addicted to it? it is a plant,#1, hard to get away from and also it was his saviour. he quite frankly stated that it is the only thing he has chosen to ingest into his body in terms of intoxication. and im very sure the guy has a specific reason why…he was clear about it helping him and now i say thank god! he lives still, at least. Thank God.
this is an amazing man who has chosen to disappear, leaving his fans with old memories for 15 years, as his only way of responding to these devillish acts unto him. his only response!.. he will not humour the media so they strike up a story….time and time again… oh please! keep em coming Mr. Bad Guy Media, as i am assured justice will be done. Its only impossible for it not to. ..and now he will complete his tour (after 15yrs of absence) with such glory. he will definitely not go down in a decade or so!

and to you georgios, sweet power, i know your strength. after all this, you’re simply wonderful! and if no one else sees it, there’s one up above who will never let you down or let you go

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