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The world as I knew it completely changed after my first gay kiss. I mean, I'd kissed girls before, but my first kiss with a guy confirmed all of the feelings I'd had buried inside for so long. It was almost like a fairy tale, especially since the guy was someone I'd had a crush on for a very long time. It was after that special moment with him at 17 that I started to dream of building a life with another man—a home, kids and all kinds of pets.

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Since I'm sorta new to the gay dating scene, I never had my first kiss (yes, even at the age of 25) [until] my boyfriend, Jared, [and I] went out to dinner last night. That night I was feeling a real connection like never before (we have been dating for a little more than a month). We played footsies under the table giggled at each other and stared. After dinner we went out to his car and I began to get butterflies. And as he opened the door I grabbed by his shirt and made out with him. It was so nice, his lips were so soft and comforting, I didn't want to stop, but I did. Then he smiled and we couldn't stop giggling after that, I swear. My throat hurt so bad I was laughing so hard. Now I just cant stop thinking about him and how I want to kiss him again...
I always liked taking things slow and get to know that person first. Quickie sex might be instantly gratifying, but very short lived. I think you need more than sex to build a strong relationship. I met a guy years ago and when I looked into his eyes, I just melted every time. No other guy ever made me feel this way... It's more than lust and so much better. We went out a few times and I finally told him how I felt. That first kiss was like no other since...
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