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Ramon Johnson

Two Dads/Two Moms, One Birth Certificate

By December 19, 2008

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Not many ago, prior to December 12th to be exact, there was no room for same-sex parents on birth certificates in the State of New York. Now, in another snails crawl toward same-sex equality, gay and lesbian parents can both sign on the dotted line when their baby is born in the "I Love" State.

Why is this a big deal? Well, this is one of those quietly-huge victories—one of those smaller hurrays living in the shadow of the Prop 8 aftermath. Previously, only one same-sex parent could sigh the birth certificate after their child was born. It wasn't even technically possible prior to the state Health Department decision. The form only allowed the signature of one man and one woman.

Now, to fall in line with Gov. David Paterson's same-sex marriage edict for New Yorkers, two mommies or two daddies can legally claim their child. The change affects same-sex parents statewide, with the exception of New York City. The city is considering changing its own forms.

Yes, folks, with such a small gesture, the State of New York just told the gay and lesbian community that it at least hears us. This was one big "I got you. Just hang with me for a bit." One small-huge victory, right under the radar.

I'm eager to see what else is hiding under the dish: say, some full same-sex marriage?

Clearing it up.
Where same-sex marriage is legal.
Where same-sex adoption is legal.

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July 27, 2011 at 4:51 pm
(1) vanessa says:

Hello and good day to u. I am in a civil partnership with my partner yorleny. We been together for almost 5 months. She is currantly 7months pregnant with our child. My question to u is what do we have to do so i am also noticed as this childs other mother. The sperm donor has nothing to do with this child. It was a decision she and i made together befor the thaught of conception. Do we need to get a lawyer and if so what is it we will need to know when going to him/her? We do live together, and we have been in our civil union for almost 3years. Please get back to me. We live in the state of new jersey. If u can please contact me 201-844-3089..thank u for u time.

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