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Ramon Johnson

NEWS: Services for Homeless Gay Youth Still Available

By November 20, 2012

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One of the most devastating losses in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy was a Manhattan drop-in center for LGBT homeless youth, a place very dear to me.

The Ali Forney Center, named after a homeless youth killed in 1997, has become an essential member of the New York community, as it provides medical services, food, shelter, counseling, housing and much more to at risk and homeless youths in the region.

The issue of homelessness among youth is a growing concern, especially since most shelter programs are designed to serve adults, heterosexual adults. Add young people, sometimes children, and queer to the environment and it isn't always a smooth mix.

This is what makes AFC a specialist operation, with over 77 beds for homeless youth in Brooklyn and Queens. So when news that their drop-in had been flooded and most of their equipment had been destroyed by Sandy, a shock wave resonated throughout the community.

Along with a influx of donations, fortunately, soon after the gay community center in Greenwich Village offered a helping hand. The center offered temporary space where AFC can do intake until their new Harlem location is ready for use possibly in 2013.

The New York Times City Room ran a story about the situation, which is worth a read.
November 21, 2012 at 1:52 pm
(1) oldfoxbob says:

My home has been open to homeless gay youth for years. I have raised in a sense 8 kids.. All of them recieved home, shelter, food, clothing, education ( if they wanted it) Money and more. NO I am not a rich sugar daddy for them…No sex was involved either. I took them in, gave them a place to get their feet on the ground and a place that was safe, warm and with out pressure. All of them except one turned out to be good people and are now contributing to the community. I would do it again to any one who asks for help…How many others out there would do the same?
Few would, but most will say they will, But few would…such a shame we will not reach out an extend a helping hand to those who truly need our help and not take advantage of them. I did this in Nebraska, Colorado and now in Cross city Fla where I live now. Will you do this? I hope so. Open your doors people and extend a helping hand to those who need your help.

November 21, 2012 at 11:23 pm
(2) prashanth says:

Dear oldfoxbob,

I respect you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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