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Ramon Johnson

NEWS: Police Gay Bashing Goes Viral

By March 6, 2013

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A video showing a police officer throwing a man to the ground at Sydney's Gay Mardi Gras has viewers wondering how far is too far to keep order.

The video starts with a shirtless young man already restrained by a police officer. An onlooker films the incident as it unfolds and makes it clear that he has no intention of turning off the camera as the man didn't do anything to break the law. The man, who is obviously distraught, pleas for his innocence before being thrown violently to the ground. The other officers go for the camera as the young man lay on the ground underneath the policeman's foot and they realize that the entire incident, including the young man's blood on the ground, has been filmed. Witnesses say the officer grabbed him by the throat and smashed his head on the pavement.

This is an obvious abuse of authority and blatant misconduct. The amount of officers involved and the force used to restrain this man is visibly unnecessary. The man's friend took down the name of the offending officer as another woman asks, rightly so: "How can we trust the police force when that's the **** they do in front of hundreds of people?"

"Mardi Gras was born out of police brutality 35 years ago and it's ironic that that night was celebration how far we've come as a community working together with other parts of the community. I now kind of wonder, how far have we really come?" Peter Urmson, Mardi Gras co-chair, told The Guardian.
March 7, 2013 at 5:02 am
(1) Troy says:

big deal, I’m dying because of the police and no one cares.

April 12, 2013 at 7:52 pm
(2) Richard Speck says:

Police officers are supposed to be protecting private citizens not beating them and humiliating them in front of other people. They must think it makes them a man to show how strong and forceful they can be and how tough acting they are. I don’t like every police officer that comes around but the police officer’s that are sincere about protecting and serving the public and protecting a person’s life and the safety and well being of children is a police officer I would likely go to for help or with a concern or a problem. Police officer’s that are kind, patient and caring are the ones you want to keep on the force but the police officer’s who think that they are above the law are the very ones that should be fired and lose their pay and benefits for the rest of their lives.

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