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Ramon Johnson

Gay Life August 2005 Archive


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Katrina Spares Gay District

Tuesday August 30, 2005
Despite heavy water damage, the French Quarter, traditionally known as the gay district of New Orleans, was spared the massive flooding suffered by other areas of the city. It is ... Read More

California Takes a Step Closer to Legal Gay Marriage

Tuesday August 30, 2005
Despite strong nationwide opposition to gay marriage, the California Senate will now decide on a bill defining marriage as gender-neutral. The bill, AB849, was approved for consideration by the Senate ... Read More

The Best and Worst in Gay Travel

Monday August 29, 2005
The economy may not be booming, but gay travel certainly is! PlanetOut announces its 2005 OUT&ABOUT Travel Editor's Choice Awards for the best and worst in gay and lesbian ... Read More

Thailand Study Reinforces Stronger Gay Spending Power

Sunday August 28, 2005
A new study shows that LGBT Thai have 25 to 30 per cent more disposable income than their straight counterparts. The study also shows that gays are in high demand ... Read More

The Sexually Addicted Couple

Saturday August 27, 2005
When one person is a sex addict in a gay relationship, the couple becomes a sexually addicted couple. See how shared responsibility for sex addiction can save your sexually addicted ... Read More

Submit Your Pics!

Thursday August 25, 2005
Gay Life has a variety of picture galleries and is always accepting new submissions. Don't worry; you don't have to be a professional photographer to see your original images in ... Read More

Gay-Themed Desktop Wallpaper

Thursday August 25, 2005
Turn your screen into a gay desktop with these gay-themed wallpaper pics. Also download: Gay Clip Art | Gay E-Cards

Are Gay Men Saying No To 420?

Saturday August 20, 2005
Many gay men that say no to party and play also say no to 420. What does 420 stand for and what does it mean for gay men?.. Gay men ... Read More

Kanye West Speaks Out Against Homophobia

Saturday August 20, 2005
Grammy Award-winning hip hop artist, Kanye West is known for bringing a positive message to hip hop, but this time he speaks out against homophobia and gay bashing. In an ... Read More

Atlanta Becomes Center for Black Gays

Thursday August 18, 2005
The metropolitan Atlanta area has the largest number of black gay and lesbian couples in the South, according to an Associated Press report. The migration of gay blacks to the ... Read More

Medical Associations Say "Ex-Gay Therapy" Based on Ignorance

Wednesday August 17, 2005
Health and medical professionals are concerned about ex-gay or "conversion" therapy that seeks to reverse homosexuality in gay youth and adults. In 1973, homosexuality was removed from the Diagnostic and ... Read More

Repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell Would Save $200 Million, Add 41K Troops

Monday August 15, 2005
The U.S. military's don't ask, don't tell policy sounded like a good compromise back in 1993, but few supporters of the ban on gays in the military realized the impact ... Read More

Lutherans Exclude Gays in a Nice Way

Saturday August 13, 2005
By a vote of 503-490, Lutheran delegates chose not to allow non-celibate gay clergy to be ordained or endorse same-sex marriage, but in a compromise the church supported a resolution ... Read More

Gay Pics

Friday August 12, 2005
View this easy to use index of gay pics, including gay people, clip art, erotic wallpaper, gay pride and black gay pride pictures. Gay pic gallery

Lutheran's To Decide on Gay Celibacy or Gay Exclusion

Friday August 12, 2005
The Evangelical Lutheran Church has a gay agenda. As a compromise on the issue of gay clergy in the Lutheran Church, delegates are set to vote on two measures (as ... Read More

Do You Have Peyronie's Disease?

Thursday August 11, 2005
Peyronie's Disease, or a bent or abnormally shaped penis, is common among gay and straight men. It can be corrected naturally or by surgery. Do you have Peyronie's Disease? If ... Read More

Open Relationships: Do They Work?

Thursday August 11, 2005
What happens when your committed partner grows bored with your sex life and desires to see other people? He doesn't exactly want to break up; he'd just like to sleep ... Read More

More Americans Support Gay Marriage

Tuesday August 9, 2005
A recent poll by the Pew Research Center for People & the Press/Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life shows 35% of Americans support gay marriage rights. While 53% still ... Read More

Comparing HIV-1 and HIV-2

Monday August 8, 2005
Did you know there are two strands of HIV? When we speak of HIV in the States, most researchers are referring to HIV-1, but there is also another strand of ... Read More

Queer as Folk Music: Interview w/ Michael Perlmutter

Friday August 5, 2005
The Queer as Folk series produced some great chart topping hits, many of which became gay anthems. About's Dance Music Guide, Ron Slomowicz, interviews Michael Perlmutter, the musical supervisor ... Read More

Before Getting Back Together With Your Ex Boyfriend

Thursday August 4, 2005
Sometimes just opening the lines of communication with an ex boyfriend or lover can bring on previous feelings and emotions. If you guys start to become friends again, you may ... Read More

Why Your Gay Sperm Isn't Wanted

Wednesday August 3, 2005
Gay sperm donors now face more stringent rules than other donors. In fact, the Federal Food and Drug Administration recommends that gay men be celibate for at least five years ... Read More

Black Gay Pride Pictures

Tuesday August 2, 2005
Did you know that many major cities now have black gay pride events? Browse through pictures from one of the nations largest black gay pride events, Hotter Than July. ... Read More

Understanding Sex Addiction

Monday August 1, 2005
A long awaited resource for sex addicts, their partners and their therapists has arrived! Read this review of Robert Weiss' Cruise Control: Understanding Sex Addiction in Gay Men.Other Addiction Resources: ... Read More

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