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Ramon Johnson

Gay Life October 2005 Archive


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Is the Right Side the Gay Side?

Monday October 31, 2005
Before I came out, I remember being terrified when I got my first ear piercing. What if they stamped the wrong side? An earring or jewelry on the right side ... Read More

Fabulous and Gay Products

Saturday October 29, 2005
The word fag is often used for hate, but it can also be used to spread a positive message about gay people. In this gay product review, see how Fabulous ... Read More

Star Trek Actor Charts The Territory We Call Gay

Friday October 28, 2005
For George Takei (Mr. Sulu of the original "Star Trek" series), being out is known territory. After all, he has been in a relationship with his partner, Richard Burton, for ... Read More

Dealing With Family Rejection

Tuesday October 25, 2005
Coming out isn't always a pleasant experience, especially if you've been rejected by family or friends. These common questions and answers can help deal with the potential aftermath of coming ... Read More

3 Things To Consider Before Dating Your Ex

Monday October 24, 2005
Sometimes just opening the lines of communication with an ex boyfriend or lover can bring about previous feelings and emotions. If you guys start to become friends again, you may ... Read More

Coming Out Step-By-Step

Friday October 21, 2005
One thing most gay men have in common is coming out. For some, disclosing our sexuality to ourselves, family and friends is a welcome adventure and for others it's ... Read More

Top Gay Halloween Costumes

Wednesday October 19, 2005
Dust off those wigs or tight uniforms, it's time to celebrate the most ghostly of holidays. But before you RSVP for the hottest Halloween party or make trick ... Read More

When Should You Reveal Your HIV Status?

Wednesday October 19, 2005
Are you HIV positive in the gay dating scene? Sure there are many successful positive/negative relationships, but when is the right time to discuss your HIV status? Read HIV and ... Read More

Where is Gay Marriage Legal?

Tuesday October 18, 2005
Gays all over the world are fighting for equal protection under the law, including legal gay marriage. Some may think granting civil, registered or domestic partnerships is enough- seeking to ... Read More

How To Turn a Straight Guy Gay

Sunday October 16, 2005
If only we could simply close our eyes and will gayness upon any person that suits our fancy... Better yet, we could make them gay and then force them to ... Read More

Your First Gay Sex

Friday October 14, 2005
I often hear gay and bisexual men talk about how being with a man confirmed the emotional and physical attraction they have for the same sex. While some gay men ... Read More

Lack of Gay Marriage Benefits Denies Gay Man Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Friday October 14, 2005
John Langan's life changed forever when his gay civil partner, Neil Conrad Spicehandler, was struck by a hit and run driver. He was immediately send to a Manhattan hospital for ... Read More

60 in 2012?

Wednesday October 12, 2005
How old will you be in 2012? This gay man will be 60. He recalls gay rights in Britain at age 15 and his wish list for gay equality in ... Read More

I Like Older Gay Men

Wednesday October 12, 2005
Is it normal to be attracted to older gay men, especially if you're younger? See how finding an older gay man can be more fulfilling than ignoring an attraction. Read ... Read More

How Can God Hate Gays When He Loves Me

Wednesday October 12, 2005
As more gays find spiritual homes where they can be openly gay, they question the anti-gay doctrine that is taught in many religious organizations. This reader wonders how God can ... Read More

Coming Out Story: Mark

Tuesday October 11, 2005
He felt lonely, confused, angry and afraid. He escaped to college where he could be himself (or so he thought). There, awaited more confusion, self-exploration and even repression. He hid ... Read More

6 Steps To Accepting Gay Family and Friends

Monday October 10, 2005
PFLAG couldn't have been more correct when they told the world in a previous advertising campaign that "Someone you know and love is gay." This could be a son or ... Read More

My Gay Brother

Monday October 10, 2005
Do you have a gay brother or relative in the family? Finding out a loved one is gay doesn't have to change your life or the way you relate to ... Read More

Harry Potter Gay?

Thursday October 6, 2005
Harry Potter, the hero of J.K. Rowling's popular novels, is usually the one battling injustice; but this time it's a group of teachers that came to his defense. In earlier reports ... Read More

How Will You Celebrate National Coming Out Day?

Wednesday October 5, 2005
October 11th is National Coming Out Day! Even though there is a designated day to celebrate, coming out should happen in stages. The first is accepting that you are gay ... Read More

Fall Gay TV Guide

Tuesday October 4, 2005
Television has caught up with all the homo hype this Fall with a variety of gay networks, gay theme shows and gay actors. Many thought the end of Six ... Read More

I Can't Hide Being Gay Anymore

Sunday October 2, 2005
Young gay people often find it difficult hiding their same gender loving feelings; but they fear how their family or friends will react. Get advice on how to be a ... Read More

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