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Ramon Johnson

Gay Life January 2006 Archive


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Why Penis Enlargement Techniques Don't Work

Tuesday January 31, 2006
Penis enlargement is big business. Companies peddle pills, pumps and exercises on gay chat and personal sites promising to help enhance penis size, but many don't realize the path to ... Read More

Gay Celebrity Profile: Nathan Lane

Sunday January 29, 2006
Nathan Lane's long list of credits includes gay film classics "Birdcage" and "Jeffrey." He also warmed the hearts and funny bones of kids and adults as Timon in "The Lion ... Read More

Homophobia and "American Idol"

Saturday January 28, 2006
About Top 40/Pop Guide, Bill Lamb, takes a well deserving stab at Fox's "American Idol", the live reality-based talent search that makes undiscovered vocalist's dreams come true. Each ... Read More

When He Just Wants to be Friends

Friday January 27, 2006
We've all been the victims of those fatal gay dating words, "I just want to be friends." It's heartbreaking, especially when you're feeling the guy. What about the flirting ... Read More

Gay Celebrity Profile: Randy Harrison

Thursday January 26, 2006
Read the gay celebrity profile of gay actor Randy Harrison, best known as the young Justin on Showtime's "Queer as Folk". See what Randy's been up too since "Queer as ... Read More

Every Gay Man Should Own Premium Jeans

Wednesday January 25, 2006
Every gay man should own at least one pair of premium jeans. They are the staple of any fashion trend and anchor an infinite number of looks, personalities and ... Read More

Gay Fashion on a Budget

Tuesday January 24, 2006
Gay men love looking good, especially with our own individual styles. People often ask me where I get my unique clothes and I never hesitate to tell them that ... Read More

Colon Cancer Expert Makes Gay Marriage History in Maryland

Monday January 23, 2006
On July 7, 2004, the ACLU of Maryland filed a lawsuit on behalf of Maryland gay and lesbian couples, including About colon cancer expert Donna Myers and her ... Read More

ABC's "Crumbs" Falls Short

Sunday January 22, 2006
ABC puts a main gay character in one of its Primetime slots, but it falls short when it comes to humor and content. See why Fred Savage playing a gay ... Read More

Gay Slang: Painted

Saturday January 21, 2006
Get your paint brushes ready, it's time to do a little face painting. What does it mean to be painted and who would do such a thing? More popular gay ... Read More

The Gayest Cars of 2006

Friday January 20, 2006
There are many perks to living in the Motor City- an insane number of apple varieties, hot autoworkers with greasy hands and the North American International Auto Show. The 2006 ... Read More

NBC's "Book of Daniel": Shock or Truth?

Thursday January 19, 2006
There is much controversy surrounding the NBC TV show, "Book of Daniel," and for good reason. The show has gotten backlash from critics and conservative groups for its' sheer ... Read More

Can You Get HIV From Kissing?

Wednesday January 18, 2006
Sure HIV can be transferred from fluids such as blood or semen, but what about saliva? Protecting yourself in the heat of the moment takes thought enough; do we ... Read More

Gay Cowboy Movie Sweeps Globes

Tuesday January 17, 2006
Gay cowboys rode in on flaming saddles at the 63rd Golden Globe Awards. Brokeback Mountain led the herd with 4 shiny globe awards, including Best Motion Picture- Drama, Best ... Read More

"Transamerica" Actress Wins Golden Globe

Tuesday January 17, 2006
In an emotional display, actress Felicity Huffman thanked the many loved ones and colleagues who made her Golden Globe winning performance in "Transamerica" possible. Huffman won the Golden Globe ... Read More

Bayard Rustin: Gay March on Washington Organizer

Monday January 16, 2006
Did you know Bayard Rustin, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s colleague and the organizer of the 1963 March on Washington was openly gay? Catch a glimpse of Bayard Rustin's impressive career ... Read More

Gay Slang: Kick Rocks

Sunday January 15, 2006
Whenever I meet someone learning a new language, they are quick to boast about the first words they've learned, which are usually slang and insults. Sure, it sounds childish, ... Read More

Sony Music Launches Gay Label, Music with a Twist

Saturday January 14, 2006
Matt Farber is on a gay crusade- pillaging through mass media, setting ablaze any homophobe that refuses to see the marketing potential of wide spread gay tv and music ... Read More

I'm Looking for a Hot Gay Man, Am I Shallow?

Friday January 13, 2006
Physical attraction isn't everything, but looking for a hot gay guy is nothing to be ashamed of. Each gay man's definition of hot is different and should never be ... Read More

John Waters Presents Movies That Will Corrupt You

Wednesday January 11, 2006
Known as the Prince of Puke, John Waters has held true to his love for the unloved since he was a boy growing up in Baltimore. Best known, by ... Read More

3 Things Gay Men Should Never Be Without

Tuesday January 10, 2006
You've grabbed your keys, wallet and cell phone and are headed out the door fast. But, do you have these three essential items no gay man should be without?

Early Gay History: The Mattachine Society

Monday January 9, 2006
Gay rights may be all over the news now, but the movement has been around for some time. The Mattachine Society was one of the first gay rights organizations. ... Read More

Drag Tops

Sunday January 8, 2006
What do you get when you combine a drag queen and a top? Sometimes, gay men can be the worst perpetuators of stereotypes and generalizations when it comes to other ... Read More

Top 10 Gay Books You Should Already Own

Saturday January 7, 2006
The modern day gay library doesn't have to be a dusty wall covering hidden from view. Grace your coffee table or a single wall shelf with these gay non-fiction ... Read More

So You Want to Be a Gay Male Dancer

Friday January 6, 2006
Gay male dancers are popular in many gay bars. Whether on top of a crowded bar top in skimpy clads or a part of an actual stage performance, gay ... Read More

Should I Experiment With Girls?

Thursday January 5, 2006
Sexual experimentation is a healthy part of maturing, but how far should you take it when you're sure you're gay? Styleboy writes: "I'm [appealing] to other teenagers because I ... Read More

What is an Intersex Person?

Wednesday January 4, 2006
Most of us take for granted the fact that our sex was determined before birth by a mere genital match with the conventional signs of a male (penis) or female ... Read More

Frequently Asked Questions About Transgender People

Tuesday January 3, 2006

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