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Ramon Johnson

Gay Life July 2006 Archive


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Boy George Ordered to Collect Garbage

Monday July 31, 2006
Following an arrest on cocaine possession charges and a failed court appearance, a Manhattan judge ordered singer-songwriter-DJ Boy George to get a feel for trash just as fans contemplate ... Read More

Gay, Lesbian, Transgender Hate Crime Statistics

Sunday July 30, 2006
I've only been close to becoming the victim of a hate crime once (at least that I know of). Four gentlemen, who at the time seemed four times my size, ... Read More

Who's Afraid of William Scott?

Thursday July 27, 2006
I'm an idealist when it comes to positive movements in the world and I wholeheartedly believe one person can be the catalyst for change. One such foot soldier is up-and-coming ... Read More

*NSync Star Lance Bass Comes Out

Wednesday July 26, 2006
Lance Bass captured the hearts of teenage girls (and some boys) as the bass vocalist of former boy group *NSync. In 2002, Bass continued to make headlines when he failed ... Read More

Gay Games Recap

Tuesday July 25, 2006
Last week, Lesbian Life Guide Kathy Belge experienced the Gay Games first hand. Kathy's athletic and star-studded accounts include a 71-year-old bronze medallist, speeches from former gay NFL and ... Read More

George Michael Caught in Another Sex Scandal

Monday July 24, 2006
George Michael, the legendary British pop star, can't seem to stay out of the news lately. Unfortunately, the buzz doesn't surround his latest release, "An Easier Affair." According to reports, ... Read More

Jerusalem Gay Pride and the Middle East Conflict

Friday July 21, 2006
What happens when a major gay pride event is held in one of the most volatile regions in the world? WorldPride 2006 takes place August 6-12 in Jerusalem, the heart ... Read More

The Best Gay Airlines

Thursday July 20, 2006
Lesbian Life columnist, Kathy Belge, redefines the friendly skies with this direct route to the top glbt airlines. Include these major airlines in your plans for gay travel. According to ... Read More

Oprah Says She's Not Gay

Wednesday July 19, 2006
Rumors of Oprah's alleged homosexuality have been circulating for some time, but Oprah herself set the record straight in the August 2006 issue of O Magazine. Oprah says that although ... Read More

Hot Weather Tips for Gay Games Participants

Tuesday July 18, 2006
Most of the nation is on hot weather alert this week as temperatures rise near and above 100 degrees in many regions. With the Gay Games underway and record Chicago ... Read More

Save Your Relationship: Taking Care of Yourself First

Monday July 17, 2006
No one knows why gay relationships move at accelerated rates, but anyone who's ever been in one can tell you how quickly emotions become intertwined. When our partner or our ... Read More

Making the Most of the First Minute

Saturday July 15, 2006
Sixty seconds is all you have to make a first and lasting impression with anyone, especially a man you have your eye on. In those few precious seconds you must ... Read More

Gay Advertising War: MCC and Mitchell Gold vs. Religion-Based Bigotry

Friday July 14, 2006
Imagine driving along the highway during your morning commute and to your right, high in the air, you see a billboard that reads, "God discriminated at Sodom." Do you ... Read More

LIFEbeat Cancels Pro-AIDS, Anti-Gay Concert

Wednesday July 12, 2006
LIFEbeat, a non-profit organization dedicated to youth HIV/AIDS awareness, has cancelled its Reggae Gold Live concert amid concerns over its featured artist, Beenie Man and T.O.K. The Caribbean artists have ... Read More

Black Gay Bloggers Unite Against Anti-Gay Artists

Wednesday July 12, 2006
The black gay blogsphere and the black gay community is in an uproar over the bookings of Beenie Man and T.O.K., two anti-gay reggae artists performing at Reggae Gold Live- ... Read More

What About Gay Rights in North Korea?

Tuesday July 11, 2006
Human rights are always in question in a country where the government controls the nation's image to the outside world. It's difficult to assess the conditions under which North Koreans ... Read More

Top Tips for Healthy Gay Living

Monday July 10, 2006
Health isn't about a quick diet, the latest fad or a one-time event. Changing your lifestyle habits can lead to a better and more prolonged life. As with everything else, ... Read More

Gay Men and Child Molestation: Myth or Fact?

Sunday July 9, 2006
Are gay men more likely to molest children? General public perception is that child molestation is directly linked to homosexuality. Perhaps it's because many continue to falsely associate homosexuality exclusively ... Read More

How To Support Children With Gay Parents

Saturday July 8, 2006
What if you were the new parent, teacher or friend of a kid with a gay mother or father? An increasing number of gays and lesbians are choosing to raise ... Read More

Why Bans on Gay Marriage Should Matter to Everyone

Thursday July 6, 2006
One step forward, two steps back. Two major setbacks for gay marriage came within a span of two hours of each other. High courts in both Georgia and New York ... Read More

Out Actor Doug Spearman

Wednesday July 5, 2006
This out actor quickly became a gay icon after only one season as Chance in Noah's Arc, the LOGO drama about four African-American friends in L.A. Take a peak at ... Read More

Gays More Likely to Be Millionaires

Tuesday July 4, 2006
There's been a lot of debate over the true spending power of glbt people and many theories have been proposed as to why gays and lesbians have more discretionary income ... Read More

The Gayest July 4th Party Cocktails

Monday July 3, 2006
Each holiday I get together with family or friends to celebrate. Holidays are a good excuse for gorging on tons of good food and having loads of fun. More often ... Read More

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