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Ramon Johnson

Gay Life December 2006 Archive


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Gay Rape

Saturday December 30, 2006
Rape is a terrible act. The victims are left physically and emotionally scarred. Loved ones of the survivors are also left with emotional scars and often don't know how to ... Read More

Gay Man, Oliver Sipple, Saved Late President Ford

Friday December 29, 2006
Oliver Sipple was only out to a few close friends when the Vietnam War vet's life changed in 1975. One afternoon he joined a crowd of onlookers who came to ... Read More

Gay and Lesbian Holiday Tips

Sunday December 24, 2006
Planning on going home for the holidays? This season can be a busy time of year with parties, gatherings and the infamous trips home to see family and friends. Curb ... Read More

Review: Norelco Bodygroom Shaver Just for Men

Friday December 22, 2006
Men care about their appearance these days. Whether it's a by-product of magazine and billboard ads featuring male models with perfect biceps or the gay man's influence on self-image, men ... Read More

Coming Out at 13

Saturday December 16, 2006
How old were you when you started coming out? Amol Dogra came out at 13, an age when I was still sporting large black-rimmed glasses and acne. I knew I ... Read More

NJ Civil Union Bill Goes To Governor

Friday December 15, 2006
On October 25, 2006, New Jersey lawmakers were given 180 days to draft a bill that would give same-sex couples equal rights of marriage (read more). The mandate from the ... Read More

Review: Homo For The Holidays

Thursday December 14, 2006
What better time to tell your peers you're queer than during the holidays. At least that's what The Go-Go Boys suggest on the lead track of their holiday album, Homo ... Read More

The Shirley Q. Liquor Controversy

Monday December 11, 2006
I was riding in the car with a group of gay men the first time I heard a Shirley Q. Liquor skit. Over roars of laugher by the other riders, ... Read More

Public Displays of Affection

Sunday December 10, 2006
A kiss in the car; holding hands at the park; feeding each other at the dinner table... The love/hate relationship between people and public displays of affection is all a ... Read More

What's the (Red) All About?

Saturday December 9, 2006
Freeway billboards, magazine ads and street boards are painted red this season. Onlookers are being flooded with images of A-list celebrities taunting red versions of our favorite products. These red ... Read More

Great Ways to Say I Love You

Tuesday December 5, 2006
Being in love is one of the best gifts of our lives. As the Unity Faith says, "God is love, and love is for everybody." Love knows little about color, ... Read More

Will All My Children Do Transgender People Justice?

Saturday December 2, 2006
For nearly 36 years the fictional residents of All My Children's Pine Valley have lived in a world where kidnappers run rampant, the dead are resurrected, and people age exponentially ... Read More

World AIDS Day

Friday December 1, 2006
Over forty million people worldwide are living with HIV/AIDS 25 years after the first reported cases. Phil Wilson, executive director of The Black AIDS Institute estimates over 9,000 people die ... Read More

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