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Ramon Johnson

Gay Life October 2007 Archive


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The Gay Monsters

Tuesday October 30, 2007
Step aside Dante's Cove, a new haunt is in town. Welcome to the ghostly gay hot spot: Twinkle Toad Town—the heart of the underworld's gay district where the characters ... Read More

What Do You Call Him?

Monday October 29, 2007
So, you've been going out for a while. You hold hands in public (or just private). You spend every free moment together. You had to up your ... Read More

Tips on Coming Out To Your Parents, Family and Friends

Saturday October 27, 2007
Coming out can be a painstaking process filled with fear, depression and loneliness. It's also a liberating experience. We spend so long hiding in the closet, sneaking around ... Read More

A Mom Shares Her Son's Coming Out Story

Friday October 26, 2007
This mom didn't mean to out her gay son, but the hickey on his neck and a new close (and older) friend forced her to broach the topic of his ... Read More

Gay, Persian and Nowhere To Turn

Wednesday October 24, 2007
Seth's Persian father just found out he is gay and things took a turn for the worst. He's abused, ashamed and afraid. Now where does he turn for help? Dear ... Read More

Gay, Straight or Just a Man?

Tuesday October 23, 2007
In many instances, gay or straight, a man is just a man. Women have spent all of eternity trying to figure out our strange Mars-like behavior. Throw in ... Read More

JK Rowling Reveals Gay Dumbledore

Monday October 22, 2007
JK Rowling pulled another one out of her bag of tricks the other day when she announced that Hogwart's Headmaster Albus Dumbledore (played by Sir Michael Gambon) is not only ... Read More

Coming Out and Depression

Thursday October 18, 2007
Depression is a major concern for gay men. Health site, healthyplace.com, states that "it's no surprise that gay men and lesbians identified depression and mental health as a major ... Read More

Halloween Ideas: Before You Choose a Costume

Tuesday October 16, 2007
If you're anything like me, you procrastinate around Halloween time scurrying desperately at the last minute for an eye-catching costume. We create our own fright-fests trying to avoid wearing clichéd ... Read More

1138 Roses for Gay Marriage Rights

Monday October 15, 2007
Did you know that heterosexual married couples (and a few lesbian and gay couples in select states) automatically receive 1138 federal rights, protections and benefits when they get married in ... Read More

Oregon Gay Rights Bills Move Forward

Saturday October 13, 2007
Two cheers for Lesbian Life Guide Kathy Belge's home state Oregon. Earlier this year Oregon passed two gay rights bills—one granting same-sex couples domestic partnerships (with the full benefits ... Read More

What Is National Coming Out Day?

Thursday October 11, 2007
National Coming Out Day was founded by Robert Eichberg and Jean O'Leary on October 11, 1988 in celebration of the first gay march on Washington D.C. a year earlier. The ... Read More

Quick Safer Gay Sex Quiz

Tuesday October 9, 2007
Test your knowledge of safer gay sex... 1. What is the safest type of personal lubricant? Water or Silicone-Based Vaseline Oil-Based 2. Which type of condom poses the least amount of risk of contracting STD's ... Read More

Send Me Your Stories of Anti-Gay Violence or Harassment

Monday October 8, 2007
First off, I'd like to thank all of you for your warm and supportive notes and comments about the anti-gay violence I experienced the other night. I was lucky that ... Read More

The Controversy Over Gay T-Shirts

Thursday October 4, 2007
At the core of the American ideal is the concept of freedom of speech. But with such concepts come the good and the bad. Ideally, under this ideal ... Read More

Are Schools Unwilling To Protect Kids of LGBT Parents?

Wednesday October 3, 2007
At one point the Milton, Massachusetts school district assigned a 9-year-old Tucker student a bodyguard. The kid isn't the latest child star or winner of the Massachusetts lottery; she's ... Read More

Coming Out To Your Mom (In Anger)?

Tuesday October 2, 2007
Ramone, First of all, I just found your website and it's very informative. I was thinking how lucky I am to live in a time when I can get this kind ... Read More

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