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How to Pick Up a Guy Thatís Alone at the Club or BarÖ
From your Gay Life Guide

Often, when we go to a club or bar we see or encounter a guy that we find very attractive. Hereís how to snag that cute guy who's alone in the bar or club.

Difficulty Level: Average    Time Required: unknown

Here's How:
  1. Make eye contact with the guy youíre interested in. If he does not see you, pass by him, dance next to him or figure out a way for him to notice you.
  2. Be sure not to draw too much attention to yourself (i.e. donít make a scene).
  3. Glance at him several times, but donít stare. If he is interested, he will return your glances.
  4. Once he returns your glance, give him a slight shy smile. This lets him know that you are interested.
  5. At this point, if you are not shy, walk up to the group and tap him on the shoulder.
  6. If you are shy, then pass by him, smile and give a slight gesture for him to come to you or follow you to a quiet corner. If he is interested and not shy he will figure out a way to come up to you or follow you.
  7. Introduce yourself. Sometimes a mere ďHi, Iím ÖWhatís your name?Ē will do. This will start a conversation.
  8. Continue the conversation if you can or just dance together. Just be natural. If he likes you, thereís no need to be nervous.
  9. Donít be alarmed if he ends the conversation or dance. This doesnít necessarily mean he doesnít like you. Keep in mind, he may be nervous as well.
  10. Let him know that it was nice talking to him and offer to either give him a call or give him your telephone number. Exchange numbers or information.
  11. Return to the original place you were or dancing and continue to look as cute as your are.
  12. Finally, relax and congratulate yourself for taking a chance. Donít worry, if he doesnít call then it wasnít meant to be anyway.

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