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David LaChapelle

Revolutionary Photographer and Gay Icon


David LaChapelle Photo
David LaChapelle
Born: 1968, North Carolina

Education: Art Student's League (North Carolina)
School of Visual Arts (North Carolina)

Honors/Awards: 1997 Infinity Award, International Center of Photography; 1996 Photographer of the Year, VH1 Fashion Awards; 1995 Best New Photographer of the Year, French Photo Magazine and American Photo Magazine

For over 20 years David LaChapelle has pushed the limits of art through photography. Influenced by Andy Warhol, he's created unique and colorful images that display the subtle connections between humans and objects, accentuating their seemingly abnormal or unconventional characteristics. David LaChapelle transforms reality into a world of fantasy through the use of bright colors, heavy makeup, and lighting.

LaChapelle has reinvented a variety of celebrities from Madonna and Elton John to Drew Barrymore and David Duchovny. He's even made a local icon out of transsexual Amanda Lapore. His artistic direction has been commissioned by many artists including Moby and companies such as Estee Lauder, Levis, Volvo and Diesel Jeans to name a few. David LaChapelle is an inspiring artist that will remain a gay icon and legend for many years to come.

Elton John says of David LaChapelle, "I am a great admirer of David’s work and of the man himself - I completely adore him."

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