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From classics and rentals to current blockbusters, here you will find a diverse selection of movies enjoyed by gays.

The Hours
The Gay Life Movie Columnist reviews The Hours starring Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, and Meryl Streep.

Movie Review: Chicago
The movie adaptation of the famous Broadway musical Chicago was one of the most highly anticipated films amongst gays this season. Movie Columnist, JR Wright takes us into the heart of this fast-paced cynics delight.

Movie Review: 8 Mile
Is Eminem's homophobic past overshawdowed by his talent? See why a liberal gay male gives the movie '8 Mile', starring Eminem, rave reviews.

Best Coming of Age Movie!
Vote for your favorite coming of age movie!

TLA Video
Why choose a gay -theme movie from the limited selection of many local video stores when you can come here for an extensive collection?

PopcornQ Best of the Net
Planet Out gives us reviews to the latest gay theme movies.

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