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The latest scoreboard has approximately 40 million people infected and 0 cured! We all know HIV and AIDS is of utmost concern to the gay and bisexual community. Explore facts about the epidemic, preventative measures, resources and support.

National HIV Testing Resources Best of the Net
Find an HIV testing center near you!

AIDS Is Not Just a Gay Disease
Even though I know anyone can get HIV, why was I surprised to see a woman in an advertisement for HIV medication? This prompted me to challenge my own perceptions of the virus and to research some interesting statistics, which prove that HIV is not just a gay white male's disease.

Reasons To Get An HIV Test
I'll be honest, I dread getting my routine HIV test! The entire process of waiting and the dramatic revelation of my results is almost too much to bear. But it's important that I know my status to ensure that I live a long and healthy life. When was the last time you were tested? Here are a few good reasons to get a routine HIV test.

Ready, Set, Test! 20 Minute Rapid HIV Test
In an effort to expand the reach of HIV tests, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of the OraQuick rapid HIV test the produces results in only 20 minutes.

Body Positive
Body Positive Magazine provides an archived online glimpse of articles that deal with HIV and AIDS issues.

Clinton and Mandella Join Forces to Combat AIDS
Former US President Bill Clinton and former South African president Nelson Mandela ask the world to lend a hand in the fight against HIV and AIDS. Clinton states, "In our interdependent world, we have to suffer the sorrows of each other…"

TIME Magazine takes you through a collection of cover stories on the AIDS epidemic. Start here to learn about AIDS throughout the world.

Check One, Check Two…Get an Office Visit Checklist
The HIV Resource Center gives you a checklist to help you get the proper care and information during an office visit.

Gay Men's Health Crisis Best of the Net
There is help out there! Backed by celebrities and the public at large, GMHC provides the support those living with the virus need.

A Local Government’s Position on HIV
Find out how the City of New York Bureau for HIV prevention feels about the health crisis affecting us all!

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