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Foreskin Restoration

Going from Circumcised to Uncircumcised



In the early 330 B.C. Greco-Roman games it was customary for athletes to run naked. However, it was considered improper to show the head of the penis. So in order to compete, circumcised Jewish competitors used foreskin restoration techniques to provide the extra skin necessary to conceal the head of the penis.

What you should know before restoring your foreskin:
  • There are many methods available on the net to restore foreskin; however very few are from certified medical professionals. Be sure to consult a physician before attempting foreskin restoration.
  • Foreskin restoration can take from 1-3 years to complete.
  • Factors such as available penis shaft skin, frequency of techniques and desired amount of coverage play a role in how long it will take to restore your foreskin.
Foreskin Restoration Fact:

There are more boys uncircumcised on the west coast of the United States than the east coast.

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