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Wet Dreams


Dear Mona Lisa,

I have an embarrassing question I need to ask. I am not sure if I am gay or not, but some of my actions prove that I could be. Anyway, my friend stayed over one night and we were in my bed. I noticed my friend was asleep so I slowly put my hands down his pants. I ended up performing oral sex on him. Well, he ejaculated but never woke up that night. Is it possible to ejaculate and still be sleeping? He has never brought it up. Should I ask him about it? If so, how should I bring it up?

Dear Wet Dreams,

First off, no question is ever too embarrassing, only more enlightening! As far as your real life DVD porn scene goes, technically it is possible to ejaculate while sleeping but I’d bet my entire Barbie collection that your friend was wide awake during your moment of impulse. More so, he doesn’t want to risk bringing it up first for fear of your response. More than likely, he’s wondering the same things you are. You may want to be the first to bring it up. Make sure the moment is relaxed and you both feel comfortable. Mention what happened and carefully watch for his response. Only the stars know how it will all unfold, but the one thing you can be certain of is getting it off your chest.

Yours in Love,
Mona Lisa

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