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Top 5 Lubricants for Gay Men


Francisco of the famous Pleasure Chest in New York City gives his top lubricants for gay men.

1) Eros Silicon

This lube is the best on the market! It solves the pestering problem of stickiness and longevity with it's long-lasting silicon based formula. It takes more time to clean up and may stain your sheets, but is noticeably more smooth than most lubricants.

2) Wet Platinum

Wet brand platinum lubricant, from their premium line is also long lasting and latex free. This is a guaranteed hit for your intimate needs and unlike Eros is water-based.
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3) Frixion

Frixion can do more than add a little spice to your sex life, it is also good for your skin and libido! Made with plant extracts and natural aphrodisiacs, pleasure comes in many forms.

4) Liquid Silk

Creamy and long-lasting! What more can you ask for? Liquid Silk is also lightweight for a natural feeling.

5) Wet Flavored

One of the major complaints of lubricants, besides stickiness, is taste. One of the most well-known brands has a solutions with flavored lubes ranging from Wine Grape to Passion Fruit.
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