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Gay Discussion Forum Rules

(ie. Things that will make your drag mom proud!)

There are five basic rules for using the Gay Life Discussion Forum:

  • Use appropriate language! This board is not just for adults. Make sure you save the four letter words for the bar!

  • Please don't insult anyone! Having a heated discussion of issues is acceptable but lashing out at your gay and bi brothers may hurt their feelings! About.com's drag mother says "Attack the message, not the messenger!"

  • Just say no to advertising! This is not the place to plug your favorite coffee shop or give a shout out, so please stick to the topics at hand (or create a new one)!

  • Hey, no defamation! You don't want to get sued and neither do I.

  • Don't infringe copyrights and don't post material that other people have created, unless it's in the public domain. Some circles call this "playa hatin" and since we all get along on the Gay Life site, this would not be a nice thing to do!


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