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James L. Quinn, Coming Out Columnist

James is currently a sophomore at a high school located in Long Island, NY. He is avidly involved with creating safe schools for LGBT youth and their allies, he regularly meets with students from all over the country in order to make our nations schools LGBT harassment free. He is also a member of one of GLSEN's (the gay lesbian straight education network) Student Organizing Leadership Teams. He plans on working with LGBT students and their allies for the rest of his life. In addition to being a LGBT youth advocate James is also highly involved in helping other youth in their coming out process. He believes that everyone's process is different and no two people will ever have the exact same experience. He has seen youth been kicked out of their homes and even abused for coming out. James himself was "outed" to his parents by a guidance councilor who was acting on "down the grapevine rumors" and did not first council James first. James believes that in order for LGBT students to feel comfortable in coming out, we must first make their environment safe and harassment free.

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