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Benefits of Domestic Partnerships - Gay Life - About.com
Domestic partnerships are a form of union under which gay couples in some states or regions can formalize their partnerships. However, the benefits awarded to ...
Benefits of Civil Unions - Gay Life - About.com
They are civil unions, domestic partnerships and same-sex marriage. In most cases, civil unions and domestic partnership laws only offer a fraction of the 1,049 ...
How To Register for a Washington State Domestic Partnership
Yes, you can terminate your partnership by filing a Notice of Termination of State Registered Domestic Partnerships with the Office of the Secretary of State.
Domestic Partnerships in Minnesota - Are Domestic Partnerships ...
... Legal in Minnesota? Yes, in some cities. Where are domestic partnerships legal in Minnesota, and how do you apply for a domestic partnership in Minnesota?
Domestic Partnerships in Georgia - Atlanta - About.com
Information on how to declare a domestic partnership in Georgia.
Domestic Partnerships - Definition of Domestic Partnerships
Domestic partnerships are legal contracts between partners that are recognized by a city, state, government, or business as conferring some of the rights ...
Washington Domestic Partnerships - All About Washington's ...
What are the rights in a Washington Domestic partnership? How do you get a domestic partnership in Washington state? Here's all you need to know about ...
Domestic Partner Health Insurance 101 - Personal Insurance
If you want to learn more about specific state laws on domestic partnerships you can check out About.com: Gay Life's article on the Benefits of a Domestic ...
The Difference Between Marriage and Civil Union - Lesbian Life
What is the difference between a civil union and gay marriage? Are civil unions and domestic partnerships the same as marriage? How are gay marriage and ...
Domestic Partner Insuance Companies List by State
Here is a comprehensive list, by state, of insurance companies that provide insurance for domestic partners. Providers on this list are for individuals and ...
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