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Benefits of Domestic Partnerships - Gay Life - About.com
Domestic partnerships are a form of union under which gay couples in some states or regions can formalize their partnerships. However, the benefits awarded to ...
Benefits of Civil Unions - Gay Life - About.com
They are civil unions, domestic partnerships and same-sex marriage. In most cases, civil unions and domestic partnership laws only offer a fraction of the 1,049 ...
Domestic Partnership - Gay Life - About.com
The benefits available to couples in domestic partnerships vary by each state that allows them. Read about the benefits of domestic partnerships. Also see ...
Domestic Partner Insuance Companies List by State
Here is a comprehensive list, by state, of insurance companies that provide insurance for domestic partners. Providers on this list are for individuals and ...
Domestic Partner Health Insurance 101 - Personal Insurance
What is Domestic Partner Insurance? Domestic partner insurance is when an unmarried couple in a committed relationship decide to share an insurance plan.
Domestic Partner Benefits the Next Mandate? - Insurance - About.com
Article detailing whether domestic partner benefits are the next mandate.
Criteria to Qualify as a Domestic Partner
There is no federal law qualifying who a domestic partner includes, though some state and local laws do. If your company intends to cover domestic partners, ...
Domestic Partnerships - Definition of Domestic Partnerships
Domestic partnerships are legal contracts between partners that are recognized by a city, state, government, or business as conferring some of the rights ...
The Difference Between Marriage and Civil Union - Lesbian Life
What is the difference between a civil union and gay marriage? Are civil unions and domestic partnerships the same as marriage? How are gay marriage and ...
How to Dissolve a Domestic Partnership
Dissolving a domestic partnership can involved the distribution of assets, child custody and many things that are issues similar to the divorce process.
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