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Gay Abraham Lincoln - Gay Life - About.com
So, was Abraham Lincoln really gay? ... takes us on a journey into the intimate world of Ab Lincoln and the gay rumors surrounding him. ... Famous Gay Rumors!
Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka - Famous Gay Celebrity Couple ...
Profile of famous gay couple Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka. ... I Met Your Mother stirred rumors that he was involved with show regular Neil Patrick Harris.
The Gay da Vinci Code - Gay Life - About.com
Question: Was Leonardo da Vinci Gay? Answer: The late Renaissance painter, poet, designer, architect and inventor, Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) is famous  ...
Famous Gay People of Color - Race Relations - About.com
Yet, the list of famous gay people of color who've come out is growing. ... grilled the star about his sexuality, but he refused to confirm or deny the gay rumors.
New & Updated - Urban Legends, Rumors, Internet Hoaxes
Find info on the latest Internet hoaxes, rumors, and the most popular stories circulating today. ... Jeff Gordon, Stephen Rhodes Confirm Gay Relationship
Richard Gere and the Gerbil - An Urban Legend
In reality, it's not a "practice" of any group of people, gay or otherwise. And while the ... The specific rumor we're here to address goes something like this: Ads.
Was Leonardo da Vinci Gay? - Art History - About.com
Leonardo was rumored to have been homosexual by his contemporaries. He was, in fact, twice charged with sodomy in 1476. Though he was imprisoned for ...
Is Ciara a Man? - Ciara's Secret Sex-Change Operation
Internet rumors claim Ciara was born male and is either a secret transvestite or ... "I am gay." These were the words recording artist Ciara spoke Wednesday ...
Urban Legend: Tommy Hilfiger Is a Racist
About those rumors that fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger made racist statements on the Oprah Winfrey Show... ... What a jerk this guy is! Yeah, if it weren't for us ...
The Most Popular Austin Gay Bars and Clubs - About.com
As a very gay-friendly city, it's no surprise that there are several popular gay bars and .... There have been rumors for more than a decade that the bar will be ...
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