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Where Is Gay and Same-Sex Adoption Legal? - Gay Life - About.com
Each state carries their own laws for single gays and lesbians and same-sex couple seeking to adopt. This index of adoption laws by state shows where gay and ...
Gay Adoption - Utah - The Worst States for Gay and Lesbian Adoption
Like Florida, Utah has rigid restrictions on gay and lesbian couple adoption and prolific use of LGBT language in its prohibitive adoption laws. Yet, single people  ...
The Arguments for Adoption by Same-Sex Couples - Gay Life
By banning gay adoption, children in gay couple households have no legal status should something happen to the parents, including death or serious illness .
Lesbian and Gay Rights - Gay Adoption Rights - Civil Liberties
President George W. Bush signs the Adoption Promotion Act of 2003, intended to encourage more opposite-sex couples to adopt children. Same-sex couples ...
The Basics to Gay Adoption for Gay and Lesbian Couples
This is the only way for gay couples to both become legal parents of their children . Second parent adoptions have been granted by the courts in twenty-one ...
Gay Adoption Issues - Choosing an LGBT Friendly Attorney
Gay couples looking to adopt face a number of challenges that married, heterosexual couples do not. Adoption laws in the United States remain a patchwork ...
Lesbian and Gay Adoption Rights - Lesbian Life - About.com
Others are finding adoption to be their preferred method of bringing a child into their family. Since state laws vary on adoption rights, not every gay and lesbian ...
Case Brief Homosexual Adoption - Adoption/Foster Care - About.com
Case brief on homosexuals and adoption in Florida. Is Florida's law unconstitutional? A look at Florida, gay adoptions, and adoption law.
Same-Sex Adoption - The Best States For Gay and Lesbian Adoption
First, the state must allow LGBT individuals to adopt. Most states allow it, while only Florida, home of the harshest LGBT adoption laws, currently explicitly bans ...
Same-Sex Couple Adoption - Gay Life - About.com
Along with surrogacy, adoption is a viable option for gays looking to expand their family. Adoption laws, however, vary by state. But, some states are worse for ...
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