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Is Being Gay and Catholic a Sin? - Gay Life - About.com
There is an organization called Dignity , comprised of LGBT Catholics. They talk about what it means to be Catholic and gay and how you can live a life of ...
Roman Catholicism & Homosexuality: Vatican vs. American Catholics
The statements did not, however, have the desired consequences because support for gays and gay rights did not diminish, even among Catholics.
Roman Catholicism & Gay Marriage: Natural Law and Church/State ...
One of the problems is the fact that Catholics have been experiencing great difficulty in getting other Americans to even understand their perspective on gay ...
Gay Priests in the Roman Catholic Church: What Will Happen?
... are surprising anyone. The question is, what if anything can American Catholics do about it? If gay priests are purged, will they accept it and do nothing ?
Roman Catholicism FAQ: About the Roman Catholic Church
Gay Priests in the Catholic Church • Should Gay Catholics Leave the Church? Catholicism ... Ultra-traditionalist Catholics Receiving Scrutiny • Mel Gibson: ...
Pope Francis on Homosexuality: Take a Deep Breath . . . - Catholicism
Jul 30, 2013 ... Vatican functionaries groaned; "conservative" Catholics cheered; ... report on the interview: "Pope Francis: Who am I to judge gay people?
How to Get Excommunicated From the Catholic Church
Former Catholics and Others Should Seek Excommunication from their Churches ... Catholicism encourages misogyny and anti-gay bigotry for example, both of ...
Pope John Paul II and Homosexuality - Agnosticism / Atheism
This meant that it was aimed at American Catholics in particular and as such was ... saying when discussing gay marriage that, “It is legitimate and necessary to ...
Eastern Orthodox: Mortal Sin, mortal sins, grave matter - AllExperts
Jul 9, 2004 ... So it seems, the issue for Catholics is their knowledge. ... Catholicism From Readers in 2010 · Gay Catholics - Is Being Gay and Catholic a Sin?
Why Some Conservatives Oppose Gay Marriage
Answers to why conservatives oppose gay marriage. ... Orthodox Jews to eat pork or forcing Catholics to use something other than water in their baptisms.
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