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Frequently Asked Questions About Gay Parenting - Gay Life
Gay adoption information. Adoption is an option for gay couples or individuals who want to become gay parents. Here you will find frequently asked questions ...
How To Support Children With Gay Parents - Gay Life - About.com
What if you're the new parent, teacher or friend of a kid who's natural mother or father is gay? Follow these steps to better support children of gay parents.
Kids of Famous Gays -- Children with Celebrity LGBT Parents
Scan through this list of people with famous and celebrity gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender parents.
How Many Children Have Gay Parents in the US?
How many children are being raised by gay parents? Read up on interesting gay parenting statistics in the United States.
Gay Adoption Reading List for Gay/Lesbian Parents
A growing reading list for gay and lesbian parents. Gay adoption helps.
Will Children Raised by Gay Parents Become Gay? - Adoption
Is homosexuality a nature or nurture issue? Learn more about gay parenting issues, myths, and concerns.
How Many Foster Children Are Living with Lesbian or Gay Foster ...
An estimated 14,100 foster children are living with lesbian or gay parents within the United States. Gay and lesbian foster parents are raising approximately 3% ...
Interview with Lesbian and Gay Parenting Expert, Dr. Abbie Goldberg
How does being raised by gay and lesbian parents affect children? There have bee a lot of studies on gay and lesbian parents and for the first time, a new book ...
Will Children Develop Problems Growing up in a Gay or ... - Adoption
Growing up in a homosexual family will ultimately cause problems for the child... right? ... Charlotte J. Patterson, " Children of Lesbian and Gay Parents" 2006.
The Basics to Gay Adoption for Gay and Lesbian Couples
The exact number of gay couples who have adopted is unknown due to the fear society seems to have regarding gay parenting. But, here are a few statistics on ...
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