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Why the Pope Hates Gays - Religion and Homosexuality - Gay Life
Religion is important to many people- gay and straight. That's why homosexuality and religion is one of the most emotionally charged topics of today. Get both ...
Gay Religion - Gay Life - About.com
Are you seeking a gay-friendly church or have you been itching to explore your spirituality? Find religious resources and articles for gays.
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans-Friendly Churches - Gay Life
Quaker (Religious Society of Friends) Friends for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Concerns A North American Quaker faith community that ...
Gay Rights & Marriage vs. Religious Liberty: Does Equality for Gays ...
Opposition to equal civil rights for gays comes in many forms. Religious conservatives are losing the argument that there is something necessarily wrong with ...
Arguments Against Gay Marriage: It Would Be a Sacrilege
Although rarely offered as an explicit argument against gay marriage, the idea that marriage is a sacred religious sacrament is one of the most important ...
Common Arguments Against Gay Marriage
Therefore, legalizing gay marriage constitutes a type of sacrilege and an unjustified intrusion of the state into what is necessarily a religious matter. Because of ...
Is Being Gay and Catholic a Sin? - Gay Life - About.com
If you love God and God loves you, how can being gay be a sin? Here's my ... This often happens when one is dealing with being gay and religious. I'm sure ...
What's the Methodist Church's Position on Homosexuality?
What position does the Methodist Church take on homosexuality, same sex ... What Others Believe: Understanding Other Religions and Denominations ...
What Does Islam Say About Homosexuality? - About.com
Homosexuality in Islam ... A demonstrator makes a sign to show support for gay men who were arrested in Egypt in 2001. ... Religion & Spirituality Slideshows.
The Pentecostal Movement Views on Homosexuality - Christian Teens
What position does the Pentecostal Movement take on homosexuality, same sex ... What Others Believe: Understanding Other Religions and Denominations ...
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