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Why the Pope Hates Gays - Religion and Homosexuality - Gay Life
Lord knows why the Pope truly hates gays! The debate over homosexuality and religion has been a heated discussion for some time now. The issue of ...
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans-Friendly Churches - Gay Life
... prosperity, happiness, and peace of mind. Spiritual Alternatives: Atheism Is atheism right for you? More on Gays and Religion: Why The Pope Hates Gays
Jay Bakker on Gays, God and Religion - Gay Life - About.com
Jay Bakker knows God. He doesn't proclaim to know God personally, only God's love and acceptance. Bakker has dedicated his life to teaching God's word, but ...
Gays and Religion - Do They Mix? - Soulforce Equality Ride 2007
A group of young people are visiting college campuses to talk about homosexuality and religion. The Soulforce Equality Ride is visiting Christian colleges with ...
Gay Rights & Marriage vs. Religious Liberty: Does Equality for Gays ...
Opposition to equal civil rights for gays comes in many forms. ... Are and Are Not · Liberation Atheology: Criticism of Theism, God, Religion as False, Irrational ...
Gay Religion - Gay Life - About.com
Are you seeking a gay-friendly church or have you been itching to explore your spirituality? Find religious resources and articles for gays.
Is Being Gay and Catholic a Sin? - Gay Life - About.com
Gay Men's Health · Issues · Religion .... especially being as devout as you are: Gay people are going to hell; homosexuality is an abomination; God hates gays.
Religously Motivated Discrimination: Is Illegal Discrimination OK if ...
The idea that there is a conflict between protecting gays' equal civil rights and ... What if they are adherents of the religion in question who don't agree on the ...
The Pentecostal Movement Views on Homosexuality - Christian Teens
About.com · About Religion & Spirituality · Christian Teens . . . What Others Believe: Understanding Other Religions and Denominations · Denominational Views ...
What Does Islam Say About Homosexuality? - About.com
Religion & Spirituality Slideshows. chakras.jpg - Getty Images · What Are the 7 Chakras? Shadow - Matthias Clamer / Getty Images. 10 Ways to Grow Your Spirit .
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