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Articles related to openly gay politicians

Support for Gay and Lesbian Politicians - Gay Life - About.com
Interested in gay politics and trying to find the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender candidates in your area? The Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund helps voters ...
The Paradox Called Gay Republicans - Gay Life - About.com
With the retirement of openly gay Republican Jim Kolbe, the Mark Foley sex ... to rationalize their conservative political position to the greater gay community?
Openly Gay Former Baseball Player Billy Bean - Gay Life - About.com
Openly gay former baseball player, Billy Bean, played in the major leagues for many years before coming out of the closet.
Gay Rights, Marriage & Homophobia: Ethical & Political ...
Those who oppose gay marriage do so with a vehemence: it's not simply that they would rather not see gay marriage exist, but rather that they regard gay rights ...
News and Commentary: Gay Marriage, Gay Rights, and Homophobia
Christian Group Threatened to Out Gay Politicians ..... Fallout from the Episcopalian decision to consecrate an openly gay man as bishop continues to be felt, ...
Gay Rights and Gay Marriage Timeline: Chronology of Events
1972, Reverend William Johnson becomes the first openly gay person ... Conservatives would accuse the APA of giving in to "political correctness" for this  ...
Gays in the Military - The Logistics - US Military - About.com
The issue of gays in the military has been a hot political debate ever since the ... For the most part, liberals wish to allow gays to openly serve in the armed forces  ...
113th Congress - Details and Information - US Politics on About.com
Jan 3, 2013 ... Discover the political makeup of the 113th Congress. ... The 113th Congress also featured the first openly gay member of the Senate, Democrat ...
Is Your Politician a Bigot? - Agnosticism / Atheism - About.com
Consider, as an analogy, a politician whose key advisors that are openly gay or racial minorities vs. one whose key advisors are closeted gays, no gays, or racist  ...
Best Buy's Political Gains Cause Big Losses In LGBT Community ...
Find expert analysis of the revenue losses that Best Buy and Target face after alienating the LGBT community with political campaign support of an openly ...
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