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Gay Words and Terms: A

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What's the difference between tolerance and acceptance? How do you support a gay person you know? These tips on gay acceptance will help guide you to a better relationship with gay colleagues, friends, family and co-workers.

Activist (Gay Rights)
Gay rights activists are more then just advocates. They work in the legal, social, and economic interests of all gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people for equal gay rights.

Gay Adoption
Gay adoption is one of two ways same-sex couples can have children. Along with surrogacy, adoption is a viable option for gays looking to expand their families.

Affirmative (Pro Gay)
Being pro gay, gay affirmative, or lgbt friendly is being in support of gay people, gay products, gay creators, and gay businesses.

Anal sex, often shorted to 'anal,' is the penetration of the anus during intercourse. Many gay and bisexual men share in anal sex, but not all engage in it. Gay sex may lean toward or include anal, frottage, rimming, kissing, oral, or other types of sexual interaction.

What is gay AIDS? Information on what HIV and AIDS means for gay men.

Ally (Allies)
Allies are a powerful force for gay men and women. But, what does it take to be a gay ally?

Anilingus (Analingus)
Definition of analingus (less commonly spelled analingus), also known as rimming.

Art (Gay)
Art with gay themes or subject matter, including homoeroticism, along with the gay artist is typically called "gay art."

Gay, straight, bi? Asexual men are none of the above. Asexuals don't identify with any sexual labels. Instead, instead of having high sexual attraction to one gender or another, has a low attraction to all genders.

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