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Best Gay Blog


After three weeks of 2012 Readers' Choice Awards nominations, finalists for Best Gay Blog have been chosen. Voting closes March 21st, 2012 at midnight EST, and winners will be announced Friday, March 30th.

1. Blabbeando

Blabbeando, Best Gay Blog Finalist
Blabbeando, run by Andres Duque, is an award-winning blog focused on queer latino/a culture, politics and activism.

2. Joe.My.God.

Joe.My.God, Best Gay Blog Finalist
A long runner among gay blogs, JMG features news, culture and politics in a candid and distinctive voice.

3. Kenneth in the (212)

Kenneth in the (212), Best Gay Blog Finalist
Manhattan-based blogger Kenneth Walsh covers pop culture, politics, books, celebrity, music, tennis, and New York City.

4. Rod 2.0

Rod 2.0, Best Gay Blog Finalist
The largest blog featuring content for African-American LGBTers on topics ranging from politics, pop culture and activism.

5. Towleroad

Towleroad, Best Gay Blog Finalist
Editor Andy Towle covers in depth news, political scandals and culture.

6. Vote Now

Submit your vote for Best Gay Blog. Winners will be announced Friday, March 30th.
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