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Best Gay YouTube Sensation


You wrote in your favorite gay YouTube personalities. Now, here are the finalists! Voting closes March 21st, 2012 at midnight EST, and winners will be announced Friday, March 30th.

Charlie Hides

With thousands of subscribers and millions of video views, Charlie Hides streams regular parodies of our favorite icons.

Davey Wavey Raw

Davey Wavey combines fitness tips with personal commentary on everything from coming out to getting his skin back.

Gay Family Values

In response to anti-gay messages that focus on family values, this gay couple is out to show the world that they and their children are also family focused.

Naked Boy News

This YT favorite is naked, at least to the mid, during morning coverage of short clip entertainment news with a dose of comedy.

Sean Chapin

Sean Chapin advocates for LGBT equality through original songs, parodies and videos. Of particularly note is his successful campaign to get the San Francisco Giants to join the "It Gets Better" Project.

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