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Top 6 Breakup Questions and Answers


Before you box up all of those Valentine's and birthday presents, let Mona Lisa consoles your gay breakup woes. Here are the top breakup questions and answers.

1. He Just Wants to Be Friends

What do you do when he just wants to be friends? See how a lesson in slot machines can help you cope with the loss of a love.

2. See the Lesson in a Dead End Relationship

Do you have a bad or dead end relationship and now have regrets? Learn the lessons from the past and turn your bad relationship into a bright future.

3. I'm Straight, My Gay Ex Boyfriend Wants to be Friends

No one likes to be lied to or enter into a relationship based on deceit- especially one that involves a partner that's not exactly who he presented himself to be. You broke up with him because you thought he was straight, but he's actually gay. Should you still be his friend?

4. How To End a Relationship And Keep Your Dignity

The relationship between you and your boo not working out? Take the first step to freedom and learn how to end a relationship. Before You Get Back Together With Your Ex Boyfriend

5. Before You Get Back Together With Your Ex Boyfriend

Consider these three things before getting back together with your ex boyfriend.

6. Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends

The hurt of a bad breakup won't instantly fade, but there are a few things you can do to minimize the damage. Read the essentail break up survival kit!
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