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Top 5 Questions From Gay Husbands


Gay men in heterosexual relationships often find themselves in sticky situation when they are looking to explore their sexuality. Many of these men choose to come out, yet some stay married.  A few of these men asked for help and we've answered with the Top 5 Questions from Gay Husbands.

1. My Lover's Wife Is OK With Our Affair

Gay couple hugging on beach
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A gay husband is complicated enough in a mixed marriage; but, what happens when the wife is ok with you as his boyfriend?

2. Coming Out While Married

Coming out is hard, especially when you're a married man. Learn how to cope with being a gay man in a heterosexual marriage.

3. I Think My Husband Is Gay

Do you suspect your husband of being gay after years of marriage? Deal with this situation by reading a step-by-step guide to confronting your gay husband on the down low.

4. My Boyfriend is Gay

You think your boyfriend is gay, but how do you confront him? Read this and other advice about gay boyfriends.

5. Getting Closer To My Lover

This gay married man asks how to get closer to his lover.
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