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Things You Should Never Say Over Text Message

Text Messaging


Man texting on mobile in London
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Text messaging has replaced much of our face-to-face time and for good reason: They're quick, discreet and easy. You can give shouts to friends (Meet me at this restaurant, What time is the concert?, What are you up to?); hold short conversations in situations where you can't speak openly, like in the office; or break the ice with someone you've just met.

There are certain situations, however, that texts just can't articulate properly. As clear as the some statements may be, they carry an emotional weight that is best expressed through body language. Also, some things said over text lead to conversations that are much too involved and lengthy for the one hundred plus characters that you're allotted on your phone.

What are some of the comments that you should avoid texting? Flip your phone, lock your PDA and dim your iPhone when these topics come up:
  • Breaking Up
    Texting a break up is the new version of the Sex And The City Post-it note break up episode from Season 6. Don't be a Berger; it's a bad idea. The person on the other end of the PDA deserves an in person relationship kill. Text to set up a time and place to talk, but leave the reasoning to old-fashioned hot air.

  • Coming Out
    Chances are the person you're coming out will be shocked about your announcement. And even if they're not, they still may wonder what's going on in your life that has led to you finally coming out of the closet. Neither you nor they can gage reactions and express the emotions that come along along with coming out properly over a text. Plus, a coming out text can be seen as the close of the conversation as opposed to the start of ongoing dialogue. If you're ready to come out, sit them down and tell them how you feel.

  • Health Issues
    Are mental and physical health are very personal things to discuss. Texting your HIV status to a partner or discussing mental health or other issues over text can send a shock way through your device. Get up front and get the support you need with a face-time talk.
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