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When I was coming out I remember searching for every bit of information that I could find on coming out and what it was like to be a gay man. Well, I already knew what it was like to be a gay man, but I had no clue how to be a gay man. I searched bookstores, online, and any other information outlet I could find. At times the search was daunting and I wanted nothing more than to be pointed in the direction of someone that could help me.

To ease your coming out angst, I've compiled this list of coming out books (both non-fiction and fiction) that can aide you along your path.
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Kai Wright's Drifting Toward LoveDrifting Toward Love by Kai WrightChristopher Lee Nutter's coming out book, This Way Out.This Way Out by Chris NutterBill Konigsberg's fictional coming out story "Out of the Pocket."Out of the Pocket by Bill KonigsbergIs It a Choice by Eric MarcusIs It a Choice? by Eric Marcus
When I Knew by Robert TrachtenbergWhen I Knew edited by Robert TrachtenbergComing Out and Disclosures by Ski Hunter Coming Out and Disclosures by Ski Hunter10 Smart Things by Joe KortCleaning Closets by Beverly ColeCleaning Closets by Beverly Cole
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