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How To Make Your School More Gay


How To Make Your School More Gay
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You don't have to Glee up your school to make it more gay. There are several other ways to spread the rainbow on your high school or college campus this year:

Start a GSA
GSA (or gay-straight alliances) are great ways for gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and straight allies to get together for support. GSA's started in the '90s and today have spread to many high school and college campuses. Learn how to start a GSA at your school.

Become a Student Activist
Want to become America's Next Top Gay Activist? Seeking to make a more modest contribution to the advancement of equal gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights? Even the most passive can make their voices heard in the most magnificent of ways. Whether your thing is marching on the steps of city hall in protest or writing a blog, you can become a gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights activist on your campus.

Come Out
You should come out for you. But if you do decide to come out, you're visibility can help others do the same. The more out people there are on campus, the greater opportunity to find support from and friendships with other gay people.

Push for Gender Neutral Housing
A growing number of colleges and universities throughout the country are offering gender-neutral housing, giving gay, lesbian, bi and trans students the option of a compatible roommate over a stranger. Read your school's housing policy to see if they offer gender neutral housing. If not, contact the housing office and show them these examples of schools taking the lead.
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