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Our family and friends mean the world to us and sometimes are our world. When we're in the closet, those relationships can seem so fragile, especially when we're not sure what their reaction will be to our sexual identity. The fear of rejection is very real. No one wants to lose loved ones, so coming out of the closet may not seem worth the risk.

Oftentimes, we focus so much on what we may lose by coming out that we forget about what we may gain: Openness and freedom to finally express ourselves openly. Many out gay men can attest that coming out was worth the risk.
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Come Out Tips

These step-by-step tips can help guide you through the process of coming out.

Getting Ready To Come Out

You too can be happy! This isn't a statement from a late night infomercial, it's true. I was once suffocated by a cloud of loneliness and fear when I was in the closet. Eventually, I couldn't take it anymore. I decided to come out. Coming out to some people was more painful than others, but overall I don't regret my decision to live out in the open. I'm finally myself—free! These steps helped me along the way. They can help you, too!

Family and Friends

Coming out can be a risk and isn't always a pleasant experience, especially if you've been rejected by family or friends. How you deal with this situation can make all the difference between becoming a statistic or leading a healthy same-gender loving lifestyle.


Off to college, gay? College can be a time to explore and break free from home and high school in your quest to be who you really are. But, before you dive in dorm-first, follow these tips for a better gay college experience.


Work is a place of business, but rarely can you avoid talking about your personal lives. Still, what happens when you're the only one not talking because you're gay? Are you ready to come out to your co-workers?

Coming Out Stories

Personal experiences can be the most valuable thing when coming out of the closet. Read these and share yours.

Wives and Girlfriends

Is it time to come out to your wife or girlfriend?

Coming Out To Your Doctor

Coming out to your doctor can help them better inform you about major health decisions.

When Your Kids Come Out

Take a proactive approach and talking to your kids about being gay.

When Your Husband is Gay

Whether you suspect your husband is gay or he's just come out to you, this resource is for you.

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