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Coming Out Stories

Gay and bisexual men share their coming out stories. Get help by reading about other peoples' experiences coming out of the closet.

Mothers Speak Out About Their Gay Sons
Mothers everywhere speak out about their relationships with their gay sons.

Into My Thirties
He dated women well into his thirties, but more often than not sex was a complete failure.

Steven's Coming Out Story
Steven talks about the tragedy and then the relief coming out to his family.

When I Learned My Son Was Gay
This mom didn't mean to out her gay son, but the hickey on his neck and a new close (and older) friend forced her to broach the topic of his sexuality and ultimately his safety.

Joshua's Coming Out Story
Read how Joshua overcame his fear of coming out to his mom.

Coming Out Story: Mark
Mark's coming out story is one that every gay man can relate to. See how Mark found himself after years of fear, sadness and depression. Read Mark's coming out story.

Gay Pride Coming Out Story
This 18 year old queer youth leader finds himself in the midst of a colorful gay pride celebration. Read this heart-felt and emotional tale of a gay teen coming out and finding himself.

I Just Came Out To My Mom
A 17 year-old guy just came out to his mom and reaches out for help. Read his question and my response.

My Coming Out Story
This story is living proof that your gay life guide is a real person, just like you! Read my coming out story!

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