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FC2 Female Condom for Anal Use

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FC2 Female Condom for Anal Use
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The Bottom Line

Like the male condom, the FC2 female condom is a safe and effective barrier against HIV and STDs. It's also great for partners that prefer a more natural-feeling during safer anal sex or ones that have an aversion to thick latex. The design isn't perfect for anal use, so partners should try not to ejaculate inside of the condom and be gentler with sex to prevent slippage. At about $6 for a box of three, the FC2 does cost significantly more than most male condoms. However, the budget conscious can pick them up for free at most LGBT community centers and health clinics.
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  • Natural "Bareback" Feel
  • Gives the receptive partner more options for protection
  • Easily inserted


  • The inner ring must be removed for anal
  • Messy insertion
  • Can easily displodge during sex
  • Cost


  • The Reality FC2 hands the power of protection over to the receptive partner.
  • Non-latex material is safe, yet feels more natural than most male condoms.
  • Cost are much higher than male condoms, but worth it for partners seeking more options.
  • Removing the inner ring for anal is messy; however the excess lubricant can be used on the receptive partner.

Guide Review - FC2 Female Condom for Anal Use

One of the benefits of female-condom use—besides its protection against STDs, including HIV, during anal and vaginal sex—is that it empowers receptive sexual partners to protect themselves whether or not their partner wants to use a traditional condom.

The female condom works by collecting semen, just like a traditional condom; but instead of covering the penis, it's inserted into the vagina or anus. For more comfort during anal intercourse, the small inner ring is removed. This also reduces the risk of rectal trauma and bleeding. The outer ring rests outside the anus, providing an additional barrier against STDs transmitted through skin-to-skin contact.

The most common female condom brand, the Reality FC2 by The Female Health Company, comes in a small (and relatively flat) package not much larger than a business card, making travel and storage easy. The back of the packaging also includes instructions on how to properly insert the condom, a plus since most aren't as familiar with using a female condom as they are a male skin.

One downside to the package is the prominent "female" and instructions for vaginal insertion on the covers. At first glance, gay and bi men might not realize it can be used for anal as well. This isn't a oversight by Female Health Company, though. The female condom can't legally be marketed for anal since it hasn't been approved by the FDA for anal use. The same instructions given for vaginal use can be used for anal, however, just remember to remove the inner ring. This step is necessary to prevent rectal trauma, but it's a messy process.

Once the packaging is opened expect tons of lubricant, which is ideal for insertion. To lessen the mess, spread the excess lube on your hands to your partner's rectum or penis.

The FC2 has ample lubrication for easy insertion, but it's tricky getting it to stay put during sex (the purpose of the inner ring is to help keep it in place). Still, the roominess of the condom provides for a more natural "bareback" feel for both the insertive and receptive partner. If sex is too rough the condom can easily dislodge, so the insertive partner should be cautious about positioning, speed, and force.
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