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Who is Lady Bunny?

Drag Extraordinare & Wigstock Founder Lady Bunny


The Lady Bunny
The Lady Bunny
If there were ever a more embarrassing moment in the life of a Manhattan newbie, it was after asking "Who is Lady Bunny?" I couldn't quite decipher the responses that followed due to the roaring laughter and mist of cosmos sprinkling my face, but they were somewhere in the range of "Are you kidding?" and "Typical bridge and tunnel!"

But, who exactly is Lady Bunny?

Only the most versatile (down boys, down boys, I'm talking about the stage) and well known drag queens in Manhattan who prides herself on being the craziest of them all. And that's no small tiara given the ultra drag talent burning every stage in the Big Apple. Her home is a town where talent comes and goes and only the best become legendary. The Lady Bunny is carving her immortal place in the queen hall of fame

What sets Lady Bunny apart?

It's her many talents. Any boy with a dream of fishnets can put on a wig, but Lady Bunny makes it art. A self-proclaimed "multi-talented" drag artiste, Bunny is a comedienne, actor, emcee, songwriter, DJ, and founder of Wigstock. Her press credits alone put most gay celebs to shame.

What's the big deal about Wigstock?

in 1984, a group of drunken friends landed in the park late one evening and mustered up the idea of a day long drag festival called Wigstock. Lady Bunny took the idea and ran making this event the world's most renowned drag celebration. View Wigstock pictures.

So, what's next for Lady Bunny?

Lady Bunny has plenty of time on her hands these days. Oh, given the exclusive DJ gigs, special performances, comedy showcases and planning her new wig introduction for the next year's Wigstock, Lady Bunny decided that sleep was really a waste of time and recorded her debut CD featuring a star-studded line up.

Can I talk to Lady Bunny?

Sure you can talk to The Lady herself now that she's launched her new web site LadyBunny.net. You may want to adjust your screen resolution, though. I'm not sire if her famous wig will fit!

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