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What's Up With All of the (RED) Products?

This gift buying season our favorite products such as iPods, RAZRs, American Express gift cards, Converse and many others are available in a special bright red color. Who's behind this special campaign and what makes these (Red) products unique?

Can Straight People Wear Rainbow Colors?

Some gay people wear pride colors to make a statement, but can a straight person wear them to show their support?

Is It Okay To Use The Word 'Tranny'?

Is it okay to use the word "tranny" for a transgender person?

Can I Have Children If I'm Gay?

Sure, you can adopt children if you are gay, but there are some hurdles that you should be aware of.

I'm Gay: Will My Family and Friends Reject or Stop Loving Me?

Coming out is a difficult time for gay, bisexuial and sexually curious men. These frequently asked questions and answers may help the transition.

Choosing The Right Time To Come Out Of The Closet

It's all in the timing. Choosing the right time to come out can make a huge difference in the process.

If I Fantasize About a Guy Does That Mean I'm Gay?

A fantasy about another guy may mean you're curious, but doesn't necessarily mean you're gay.

Are Gay People Normal?

Coming out is a difficult time for gay, bisexuial and sexually curious men. These frequently asked questions and answersc may help the transition.

Should You and Your Partner Open a Joint Checking Account?

Should you and your boyfriend open a joint checking account? Money matters in relationships, including gay ones. Learn how to manage your money and bank accounts as a gay couple.

Was Leonardo da Vinci Gay?

Was Leonardo da Vinci Gay? Unlock the mystery to Leonardo da Vinci's sexuality.

Is Being Gay A Choice?

Although many researchers continue to debate why some men are gay, most psychologists believe that being gay is not a choice--specifically since sexual orientation develops in early adolescence without any previous sexual experience.

Can Therapy Change My Sexual Orientation?

People don't choose their sexual orientation, so it's impossible for therapy to "cure" someone from being gay.

Why Am I Gay?

If only we could explain the things we feel inside. There are many different reasons why we are the way we are, but can sexual orientation be explained? Is there a reason why we're gay?

What Is Sexual Orientation?

What is sexual orientation? Sexual orientation is more than a physical behavior; it's a "enduring" attraction to another person.

Don't All Gay Men Have HIV?

It's a common myth that all gay and bisexual men either already have or will eventually get HIV.

How Do I Know If I'm Gay?

There are no scientific tests or stereotypes (such as the types of clothes you wear or how masculine or feminine you are) that can determine your sexuality. But, there are questions you can ask yourself to help you determine if you are gay.

My Gay High School Infatuation

What do you do when your gay high school infatuation leads to a dead end? See if the guy this gay teen likes from band is actually gay or just playing him.

Threesome Troubles: No Sex Without a Third

Threesomes always sound good in fatasy but inviting another man into your special bond can have dangerous consequences. Can your relationship survive a third partner?

How many soldiers have been discharged since don't ask, don't tell was enacted?

Here are the number of gay and lesbian troops that have been discharged from the military since the don't ask, don't tell policy banned gays from serving over 15 years ago.

What Should You Expect After Coming Out?

Coming out can be a real reality check. It's like growing a new set of eyes. The way you see yourself and others changes, often times quite drastically. So, what can you expect after coming out?

How often should gay men get tested for HIV?

HIV tests detect HIV infection by detecting antibodies produced by an individual's immune system when they are exposed to HIV. But since antibodies are detected at different rates, when should gay and bisexual men get tested for HIV?

Do You Call A Transgender Person He or She?

What's the correct pronoun to use for a transgender person, he or she? There is an offical standard for transgender pronoun usage.

Do All Transgender People Have Sex Change (or Sex Reassignment) Surgery?

Transgender people are often misunderstood. Do all transgender people have sex change (or sex reassignment) surgery?

Transgender People

Learn about transgender people.

Why Do Men Dress in Women's Clothing?

Find out why male crossdresser dress in women's clothing and learn about transgender people.

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