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Gay History & Facts

Have you ever wondered what the colors on the gay pride flag mean or the history of gay rights? If so, this directory is filled with gay facts and history.

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History of Gay Pride
Gays in a growing number of cities and countries participate in annual parades, festivals and pride events collectively called gay pride. Do you know when gay pride began or that each color on the rainbow flag had it's own meaning? Find out here in the guide to gay pride!

Gay Pride Colors
Test your knowledge of the colors on the gay pride flag.

The Word 'Queer'
Did you know that today, the word "queer" is most often used in a non-derogatory way? How exactly did that happen?

Gays & Household Income
Gays are twice as likely to have a household income over 60K USD? On what do you spend most of your money?

Foreskin Restoration
Did gay men start the practice of foreskin restoration? Find out here!

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Articles & Resources

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