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Are you gay at work? Are you considering coming out at work or have you experienced discrimination based on your sexual orientation? Find resources and information about being gay in the workplace.

Top Gay Business Sites
Even in tough economic times, business never sleeps. The boundaries of gay business are expanding. In addition to the growing number of gay business owners and gay-friendly organizations there are many gay men in the corporate workplace. So how do gay men find the business information they need?

Is Your Boss Gay?
Are you interested in your boss, but you're not sure if he's gay or not?

Dating Your Boss When He Knows You're Gay
Does your boss know you're gay? Are you interested in dating him? If so, follow these tips.

Coming Out To Your Boss
Here are tips on how to come out to your boss at work.

Dating Your Boss
Work romances can be complicated, especially when you like your boss. Consider these things before dating your boss.

What To Do When You Want To Date Your Gay Boss
So, you like your gay boss. How do you handle a situation when you like your gay boss?

Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA)
Did you know you can be legally fired in 31 states because of your sexual orientation? Read about the Employment Non-Discrimination Act or ENDA, a bill to help protect gays in the workplace.

Top Gay-Friendly Companies
The Human Rights Campaign releases it's list of the best companies for gay, lesbian and bisexual employees and their partners. See which companies are the most gay-friendly and have the best score against discrimination in the workplace.

Respect Your Gay Boss' Privacy
So, you want to establish a rapport with your gay boss? Here's how.

Pension Protection Act
A growing list of companies allow same-sex partner benefits, but until recently certain protections were not extended to non-legally married beneficiaries. The Pension Protection Act adds benefits for gay partners listed on 401(k) and other retirement plans.

Gays Have More Money
Is the spending power of gays a myth or just a perception? A new study may have the answers to whether gay people have more money than heterosexuals.

Is Your Company Gay-Friendly?
Find out if your company is on the leading edge of gay equality!

Top Gay-Friendly Companies
The Human Rights Campaign reveals it's list of major corporations that have policies and practices which benefit gay, lesbian and bisexual employees and their partners. 21 major U.S. companies were honored with a perfect score!

The Numbers Don't Add Up For Lesbian Waitress
An alleged anti-gay note left on a restaurant check erupted into a pro-gay movement, including thousands in donations that waitress and ex-Marine Dayna Morales says she will donate to charity. However, questions are being asked amid new allegations by the family she served.

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