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Top Gay Business Sites


Even in tough economic times, business never sleeps.  The boundaries of gay business are expanding. In addition to the growing number of gay business owners and gay-friendly organizations there are many gay men in the corporate workplace. So how do gay men find the business information they need? Below are the top gay business sites and resources.

1. National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

The NGLCC advocates expanding economic opportunities of gay and lesbian-owned and gay-friendly businesses. Membership has its benefits with workshops, certification, and networking opportunities. The National Business Leadership Conference, NGLCC's business conference is held annually.

2. Out Professionals

Gay and lesbian business people can network nationwide with Out Professionals. Members of this national organization enjoy discounts on seminars, benefit from B2B networking and a job bank. Out Professionals also offers group specific networking events, like PRIME for young out professionals and OP.LYNX for women.

3. Small Business Groups

Looking for gay and lesbian business groups near you? Small Business Group offers a lengthly list of and lesbian business groups across the country.  The list is comprehensive, though not searchable by area.

4. Echelon Magazine

Echelonmagazone.com is the digital home of Echelon Magazine, a publication focused on the economic progress of gay and lesbian businesses.  Feature stories include a wide range of gay and lesbian corporate and entrepreneur profiles.

5. Out & Equal Workplace Advocates

Out & Equal advocates for your rights to be gay, lesbian, bi, and trans people in the workplace. The organization lobbies in Washington to end LGBT discrimination in the workplace and offers LGBT business people an opportunity to network at their annual Workplace Summit conference.

6. The Gay Business Association

This UK-based organization was founded in 1983 to advocate for equal rights in the workplace, but has evolved to offer networking and training opportunities for gay and lesbian businesses and start-ups.

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