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Jim McGreevey


Jim McGreevey
Scott Wintrow
Democratic politician and former New Jersey Governor James Edward McGreevey, also known as Jim McGreevey, was born August 6, 1957 in Jersey City, New Jersey. McGreevey served as New Jersey governor from January 15, 2002 until November 15, 2004.

Jim McGreevey came out amid a $50 million extortion plot against him from an employee and alleged lover. On August 12, 2004, McGreevey publicly admitted his extramarital affair. Soon after, he resigned from office. To date, McGreevey was the only openly gay state governor in United States history.

In September 2006, McGreevey published his memoir, The Confession, detailing his affairs with men while in a heterosexual marriage. McGreevey has two daughters, one from his first marriage to Canadian Kari Schutz, and another from his second marriage to Dina Matos. McGreevey and Matos are now separated. He currently lives with his gay partner Mark O'Donnell in Plainfield, New Jersey.

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