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Roy Horn


Roy Horn
Ethan Miller
Roy Horn grew up in Nordenham, Germany where he developed his love for animals. After being rescued from quicksand by his half-dog, half-wolf pet named Hexe, Roy joined the team of pet trainers at Bremen Zoo. It was there he trained his first large cat, a cheetah named Chico.

Roy met his lover and partner Siegfried Fischbacher in 1957. Siegfried worked as a steward while Roy was a waiter on an ocean liner. Roy soon became Siegfried's assistant.

Considering pulling rabbits out a hat too predictable, Siefried and Roy began a magic act using a cheetah that was smuggled aboard. They continued to tour Europe until they got their big break in Las Vegas, Nevada where they became famous for their magic act with rare white tigers. They performed there until October 3, 2003, when Roy Horn was tragically malled by one of their famous white tigers.
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