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Darryl Stephens


Darryl Stephens' Break:

Heartthrob Darryl Stephens got his big break on the 1999 MTV teen drama series Undressed. Stephens later came to fame as Noah Nicholson, the star of LOGO's premiere series Noah's Arc.

Darryl Stephens on TV:

Darryl Stephens' TV credits include:
  • Boy Culture (2006, Andrew)
  • Noah's Arc (2005, TV series, Noah)
  • Not Quite Right (2005, Evan)
  • Another Gay Movie(2005, Angel)
  • Noah's Arc (2004, Noah)
  • Circuit (2001, Julian)
  • That's Life (2001, Heart Problems, Tutor)
  • Undressed (1999, Rudy)
  • Seamless: Kidz Rule (1999, Devin)

Darryl Stephens as a Celebrity Hottie:

Darryl Stephens tops the list of the 10 hottest gay celebrities.

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