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Break Free From Coming Out Depression

Gay Men and Depression


Depression in Men
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Battles with depression are incredible life-altering journeys experienced by far more than we are willing to admit. Depression is an equal opportunity intruder that affects people of all sexual identities. This includes gay men, many of whom experience depression after coming out. Depression in gay men can be triggered by a number of stresses, including loneliness, family rejection, or changes in lifestyle.

Dealing with the pressures of a life (especially in the midst of environments that are sometimes hostile towards LGBT people) is rather difficult. But, the good news is depression is treatable, even if it has taken over your life at the moment.

Nancy Schimelpfening, About.com Guide to Depression helps us understand the basics of depression, including ways to recognize its symptoms and how to get treatment. First, lets start with:

Facts About Depression
The first step to tackling depression is knowing the facts. Nancy Schimelpfening separates the truth from myth in these top 5 facts about depression.

Symptoms of Depression
The most common signs of depression are experiencing a depressed mood, decreased interest or pleasure, weight changes, and sleep disturbances. Know the top 9 symptoms of depression.

Depression Treatment
Have you experienced any of the symptoms mentioned above? You can be treated. There are many treatment options that can help improve your way of living. Read the top 4 depression treatments.

Coping Techniques
"When you're depressed it can feel like you are barely existing," writes Schimelpfening. "By obtaining the correct medical intervention and learning better coping skills, however, you can not only live with depression, but live well." Here are the top way to cope with depression.

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