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Kids of Famous Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender People

Part 2


There are over 10 million kids in the U.S. alone with one or more LGB or T parent. Here is Part 2 of a list of people with famous and notable gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender parents. (Just in case you missed it: Scan through Part 1 of the list).

Joe Valentine (Baseball Player)

Joe is a baseball pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds. In 1997, Joe graduated from Deer Park (NY) High School and played baseball at Jefferson Davis Community College in Brewton, AL. At JDCC was named to the NJCAA All-Region XXII squad after going 8-1, 2.56 with 7 saves. Valentine, from Long Island, NY, was the subject of a lengthy article in Newsday about being raised by two lesbians, Deb Valentine (his biological mom) and Doreen Price, who raised him since his birth in Las Vegas in 1979. The couple has been together for 30 years. Joe never knew his dad and he has grown up a supportive son who loves the two women who raised him.

Joely Richardson (actress)

The other daughter of award winning actress Vanessa Redgrave, and bisexual film director Tony Richardson and also had a bisexual grandfather (Sir Michael Redgrave). Joely Richardson is a Golden Globe nominated actress who also has a long film and stage career.

Judy Garland (Gumm) (actress)

Entertainer Judy Garland, granddaughter of a gay businessman was both one of the greatest and one of the most tragic figures in American show business. When MGM planned to star 20th CenturyFox's Shirley Temple in The Wizard of Oz, Garland almost didn't get her most celebrated role, but the deal fell through and Garland was cast as Dorothy. The Wizard of Oz made Garland a star. In 1945 she married director Vincente Minnelli, with whom she had a daughter, Liza, in 1946. Garland and Vincente Minnelli divorced in 1951, whereupon she married Sid Luft. On June 22, 1969, the day of the Stonewall Rebellion, Judy Garland was found dead in her London apartment, the victim of an ostensibly accidental overdose of barbiturates.

Katharine Symonds Furse (government official)

Katharine and her three sisters were the children of famed gay English essayist and historian John Addington Symonds (1840-1893). Born in Clifton, Bristol, young Katharine spent most of her childhood in Davos, Switzerland where Symonds had relocated the family in search of a better climate for his tuberculosis. In 1900 she married the painter, Charles W. Furse who also suffered from tuberculosis. They had two sons, Peter and John Paul. Katherine led the first VAD (Voluntary Aid Detachment) Corps to France October 1914. Headed the British Red Cross Women's VAD Department 1915-1917, Commandant in Chief of the Joint Women's VAD Department 1916, First head of the Women's Royal Naval Service (WRENS), 1917. She died in London in 1952.

Kyra Nijinsky (dancer)

Daughter of gay Russian dancer Vaslav Nijinsky, Kyra starred in She Dances Alone. As the leading character in the semi-documentary psychograph, Kyra reflected on the phenomenon and the tragic destiny of her father, the Russian choreographer and ballet dancer Vaslav Nijinsky.

Lynn Redgrave (actress)

Lynn, best known for her roles in Shine, God's and Monsters and Georgy Girl is the daughter of distinguished bisexual actor Sir Michael Redgrave and sister of Vanessa. Lynn Redgrave has made significant contributions to her illustrious family's five generation long reputation for producing fine British actors. The London-born Lynn studied acting at the Central School of Music and Drama. She first appeared on stage in a 1962 production of A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Royal Court Theatre. She was next invited by Sir Laurence Olivier to become on of the first members in Britain's National Theatre. In the late 1990s, Redgrave staged a successful one-woman show, Shakespeare for My Father.

Malcolm Stevenson "Steve" Forbes Jr.

Steve Forbes, born July 18, 1947, is the son of gay father Malcolm Stevenson Forbes Sr. and the editor-in-chief of business magazine Forbes as well as president and chief executive officer of its publisher, Forbes Inc. He was a candidate in the U.S. Presidential primaries in 1996 and 2000. His brothers Christopher Forbes, vice chairman, Robert Forbes and Timothy Forbes have all long worked for the magazine or at least the parent company.

Mary Godwin Wolistoneaaft Shelley (author)

Daughter of Mary Wollstonecraft, a lesbian author who wrote Vindication of the Rights of Man. Mary Godwin Wollstonecraft went on to marry poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, and more importantly went on to write Frankenstein.

Klaus Mann

Famous German author of the novel Mefisto (made into a film with Klaus-Maria Brandauer), gay himself, he was the son of even more famous novelist Thomas Mann (Budenbrooks, Magic Mountain), who openly wrote about his own homosexuality in his secret diaries.

Minnie Hall

The adopted daughter of politician Tammany Hall and bail bondsman Murray Hall. Minnie's father, a confident of State Senator Barney Martin was found to be actually Mary Anderson after his death in 1901. Murray Hall died from breast cancer, which was not diagnosed because of his fear of discovery.
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