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2010 Gay Pride Events



The summer season is coming to an end, but these September gay pride events are still in full swing:

New Orleans, LA (Southern Decadence)
Sept 1 - 6

Atlanta, GA (In The Life Atlanta)
Sept 3 - 6

Cardiff, Wales (Cardiff-Wales Lesbian and Gay Mardi Gras)
Sept 4

Calgary, Alberta, Canada (Pride Calgary)
Sept 5

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN (Twin Cities Black Pride)
Sept 9 - 12

Rehoboth Beach, DE (Delaware Pride Festival)
Sept 18

Roanoke, VA (Roanoke Pride)
Sept 19

San Francisco, CA (San Francisco Latino Pride)
Sept 19

Dallas, TX (Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade)
Sept 19

Durham/Raleigh, NC (North Carolina Pride)
Sept 26

Dallas, TX (The Movement)
Email: dfwpridemovement@gmail.com
Sept 30 - Oct 3

Year 'Round Pride
Check out these October pride dates.
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