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Meet The 2012 Gay Olympians (THE RESULTS)

London 2012


All eyes were on London in 2012, especially after the success of British athletics prior to the games. Andy Murray became the first British singles player to reach the finals of Wimbledon since 1938 and pro cyclist Bradley Wiggins wore the coveted yellow jersey as the first British champion of the Tour de France.

Great Britain also made a strong showing at the 2012 summer games, placing third overall with 65 medals behind China (88) and USA (104).

Of the near 13,000 athletes, only a handful were openly gay and lesbian. But still, LGBTers rallied behind the rainbow at the fiercest athletic competition in the world.

So, who were the gay and lesbian Olympians, and what were the results?

Marilyn Agliotti
Sport: Field Hockey
Representing: The Netherlands
About: Having previously represented South African, Agliotti now holds the flag of The Dutch. Agliotti and her team won gold at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Agliotti is married to her partner.
Results: GOLD (1) Agliotti and The Netherlands team defeated Argentina 2 - 0 in the finals for gold. Bronze went to home country Great Britain.

Judith Arndt
Sport: Cycling
Representing: Germany
About: Although Arndt is a killer on the bike, she's most famously known for giving German officials the bird while crossing the finish line at the 2004 Olympics. She won silver, but was upset that her lover, Petra Rossner, was cut from the team.
Results: SILVER (1) Arndt rode away with a silver medal in the Women's Individual Time Trial with a time of 37:50.29.

Seimone Augustus
Sport: Basketball
Representing: USA
About: Augustus already has a gold medal on her mantel from 2008 in Beijing. The top draft pick and Minnesota Lynx WNBA star is looking to add more shine in London. Augustus says getting engaged to partner LaTaya Varner encouraged her to come out publicly.
Results: GOLD (1) Augustus and the US Women's Basketball Team won gold at the London games. The US defeated France in the final 86 - 50.

Imke Duplitzer
Sport: Fencing
Representing: Germany
About: Imke Duplitzer is an Olympic fencer and avid human rights supporter. London will be her fifth Olympics. She won silver in Athens Olympics in 2004 and skipped the opening ceremony in Beijing in protect of China's human rights record.
Results: NO MEDAL The London games didn't prove as successful as Beijing. Duplitzer defeated Romania 45 - 36 in the finals, but it was not enough to medal.

Edward Gal
Sport: Equestrian
Representing: The Netherlands
About: 42-year-old Dutch dressage world champion Edward Gal is riding his stallion "Undercover" in the individual and team dressage competition at London 2012. Gal is in a relationship with teammate Hans Peter Minderhoud.
Results: BRONZE (1) Gal and stallion Undercover carried home bronze in Team Dressage, behind Great Britain and Germany for gold and silver.

Matthew Mitcham
Sport: Diving
Representing: Australia
About: At the 2008 Games in Beijing, Brisbane-native Matthew Mitcham became the second openly gay Olympic diver to win gold behind Greg Louganis, who came out after the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul. Mitcham has a stellar diving record and has been open about his battle against depression.
Results: NO MEDAL Mitcham make an exit in the Men's Individual 10m event with no medal. The Beijing champion says he will return to springboard in Rio 2016.

Jessica Landström
Sport: Soccer
Representing: Sweden
About: "I have always shown my love openly, I've always been confident in myself and felt that I was loved for who I am," says Landström. What a champion spirit! Self-proclaimed tomboy and hailing from Stockholm, where she lives with girlfriend Sara, Landström is representing Sweden.
Results: NO MEDAL Landström and team Sweden left the Women's Football quarterfinals in a 1 - 2 defeat against France.

Maartje Paumen
Sport: Field Hockey
Representing: The Netherlands
About: Dutch field hockey player Maartje Paumen is a midfielder for Dutch club HC Den Bosch. Paumen and her team won gold in 2008 in Beijing. This open lesbian was also crowned Top Scorer of the 2010 Women's Hockey World Cup.
Results: GOLD (1) 2 - 0, Paumen and The Netherlands teams shut out Argentina in the Women's Hockey finals, taking home gold.

Megan Rapinoe
Sport: Soccer
Representing: USA
About: This American soccer midfielder from Redding, California plays for the Seattle Sounders Women team as part of the United Soccer Leagues W-League. Rapinoe came out just this month in an interview with Out. In the feature she opened up about dating Australian soccer player Sarah Walsh for three years.
Results: GOLD (1) Rapinoe and the US Women's Team leave London with gold, defeated Japan 2 - 1 in the finals.

Pia Sundhage
Sport: Soccer (Head Coach)
Representing: USA
About: While not an active athlete, openly gay United States Women's National Team head coach Pia Sundhage is a Swedish former professional football player. In 2007 she served as an assistant coach for the China Women's National Team during the 2007 FIFA Women's World Cup. She joined the USA team that November.
Results: GOLD (1) Sundhage led her team to gold at London 2012, continuing her winning career in women's football.
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